everything whent black

Julia Johnsson is 15 years old when her best friend left with out saying good bye. after that she skips school for a long time and the only thing she did was sitting in her room close to the window thinking about what she had done wrong. Then the most unexpected thing happened, she loses a very close person and has to move because off all the memories they shared together.


2. back on track


From that day until now, 3 weeks later, I sat on a chair next to my window and just thought, thought about what I had done wrong. I must have done something wrong, he left me didn’t he? I didn't even get a simple little text!!he left me all alone with no friends or family who cared about me, I had not a single friend who could comfort me and say that it was not my fault, or that everything would be aright!!


but now I’m going pull myself together and live life because I’m worth it!!


I woke up to the alarm clock. I sat up confused and stared at the clock. what the hell. Then I realized I was going to school today because I did not want to skip class today, three weeks was enough. i walked in to the bathroom ant took a shower and after that I got dressed. I took a pair of white skinny jeans, an Ed Hardy t-skirt and a pair off black pumps. I walked down to the kitchen to eat some breakfast.


sorry for the bad update. I've been busy all week. but I'll start updating more often I promise


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