guns are drawn

When a grocery store gets robbed, something happens to Jack that he would never forget.


2. jacks p.o.v

Jack stepped forward, but when he looked behind him their he stood froze, well his body did, his soul however seemed to have left his body behind, but for some very strange reason, Jack was not surprised, nor scared. He didn't really feel anything except for the cold which didn't feel like cold at all. It felt more like a neverending wind.

An idea came into Jack's head and he knew what he had to do. He ran over to the man with a gun pointed at him and took the gun into hs bodies hands. He took the guns from the robbers and hid them behind the till. The guns were as light as feathers.

Then there was a light. Jack was back in his body and he instantly shot the robbers to dead., however when he done it his emotions were back. He was becoming a killer, even with his emotions intact.


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