guns are drawn

When a grocery store gets robbed, something happens to Jack that he would never forget.


1. The robbery

Jack walked into costcutters, feeling joyful, as the smell of fresh meat floated into his nostrils. He had just sold a house, that he had been wanting to sell for ages. It had an old ancient history that seemed to draw off most buyers.

Jack picked up a loaf of bread and  a 2 litre carton on milk, then made his way to the till. When he reached the counter, the worst happened. Two men wearing woolen masks that covered their entire heads ran into the store carrying guns and yelling "Get down on the floor right now!"

As Jack tried to get onto the ground his entire body froze. It was as if time had stopped, because the men were no longer shouting and nobody was moving or making any noise. All of a sudden Jack was as cold as ice. It was as if he had just walked into a freezer. Jack could even see his breath and the water on the windows condemnsed without even evaporating in the first place.

The sky grew darker as the seconds passed and the lights went out. Then Jack's fear left his body, an idea popped into his head, one that he would never be able to do on a normal day. But this was not a normal day, this was infact a very special day. Today Jack was going to become a murderer.

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