Worth The Fall

When my brother auditioned for the X Factor 2 years ago, I never imagined how much it would change my life.
I met four boys who turned my life upside down. I gained two new brothers in the form of Niall and Zayn, and Harry turned out to be the best friend I could ever for.
Then there's Louis. For two years, I've loved him. He's all I wanted.
At least… I thought he was, until I had him. And then suddenly, he wasn’t enough anymore.

*cover art by Aimee <3*


1. Prologue.


"No, Cass, come here!"

"Whaaaat?" I groaned, my older brother Liam tugging on my arm. "I'm supposed to be meeting MacKenzie like, twenty minutes ago!"

"MacKenzie can wait! C'mon, the guys are almost here… Please?" Liam stared at me, his bottom lip jutting out as he pouted. I glared at him and sighed, nodding my head in defeat as he grinned and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, directing me into the front room where he went back to doing what he'd been doing for the past half an hour – staring out of the window.

"You know, if I were you I'd talk to them about their lack of timekeeping abilities. Because, y'know, if you get through and all, I'm sure Mr. Cowell won't appreciate being kept waiting. I know I don't like being kept waiting."

"You're not Simon Cowell, they can keep you waiting for as long as they please," Liam scoffed, his face breaking out into a grin as I heard a car pulling up outside. He ran out into the hall and yanked the front door open so fast, it's a wonder it didn't fall off its hinges. I peered out of the window curiously, watching as each boy climbed out of the car.

Oh. Oh! I know that one! That's one's Zayn…

And that one, the little blonde one. He's the Irish one with the eyes.

A boy with a head full of curls climbed out, and I laughed to myself as his foot got caught on the seatbelt and he stumbled slightly. Huh. He was hot, I suppose.

…And then, it was like it all happened in slow motion, like in one of those cheesy chick flicks. He stepped out of the car, his smile beaming as he flipped his hair out of his eyes. He was gorgeous.

"Oi, if you're done perving, I'll introduce you to them!" Liam hissed from the doorway, smirking at me as I turned to face him with red cheeks. I tutted at him, out of the embarrassment of being caught, and I let him pull me outside to the four boys who'd be taking over my house for the next week. "Guys, guys! This is my little sister Cassidy." he grinned at them, throwing an arm around my shoulders. "Cass, this is Niall…" he pointed to the blonde one, who nodded and gave me a small smile. "Zayn…" I knew that. Zayn grinned, shooting a wink at me and I laughed quietly. "Harry…" Curly. He smiled and I nearly fainted when I saw the dimples – this boy was going to kill me with cuteness, seriously. "And that's-"

"HEY! I'm Louis!"

"Oomph!" I stumbled slightly as he all but threw himself at me, pushing Liam out of the way and throwing his arms around me, pulling me into a bone-crushing hug. I heard the other three sniggering, and saw Liam roll his eyes at his new friend.

"That's Louis," he raised his eyebrows at me.

"I gathered," I huffed, pushing Louis away and straightening my t-shirt out as I pointed at Harry. "He's my favourite, I like his hair."

"Cassidy…" Liam groaned, rubbing his forehead as Harry grinned and ran a hand through his curls.

"Told you, didn't I?" he turned and smirked at Louis. "Ladies love the curls!"

"Can I go now?" I asked with a pout as I turned my attention to Liam. "Mack's probably wishing painful things on me because I'm late and you know how she is for timekeeping! I stayed, I met them, I got attacked," I gestured towards Louis, who was still grinning. "Please, Liam?" I asked again, pouting.

"Okay, fine," he sighed, and I smiled triumphantly. Pouting never fails. "I supposed it'll give me time to warn this lot of you," he pointed towards his four band mates.

"Except the one with the curls, I like his face," I stuck my tongue out and grabbed hold of my jacket, waving goodbye to the four boys. "See you guys later."

"Bye Cassie!" Louis stepped forward with his arms open, and my eyes widened when I realised he was going to try and hug me again. I moved quickly, ducking down behind Zayn and yanking the front door open, quickly stepping outside and pulling it closed behind me as I heard the laughter from inside. I shook my head and started walking to – finally – meet MacKenzie.

This was going to be an interesting week.


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