Worth The Fall

When my brother auditioned for the X Factor 2 years ago, I never imagined how much it would change my life.
I met four boys who turned my life upside down. I gained two new brothers in the form of Niall and Zayn, and Harry turned out to be the best friend I could ever for.
Then there's Louis. For two years, I've loved him. He's all I wanted.
At least… I thought he was, until I had him. And then suddenly, he wasn’t enough anymore.

*cover art by Aimee <3*


2. one.


"Shhh!" Louis hissed at me, putting a finger on my lips to try and stop my giggles. "You're going to spoil it!" he whispered, creeping closer to the bed. I clamped a hand over my mouth and followed him, trying to hold my laughter in when I saw the mop of curls sticking out from the top of the duvet. "Okay… Toothpaste, nurse!" Louis held a hand out at me.

"Toothpaste!" I whispered, handing him the white and blue tube I'd swiped from the bathroom. With his tongue stuck out in concentration, he pulled the covers back slightly and carefully grabbed Harry's hand, squeezing half of the toothpaste out of the tube. "Louis he's got no clothes on!" I squeaked.

"Yes he has, he has boxers on. You're lucky he's even wearing them," he shrugged his shoulders and I tutted, hitting his shoulder. "Owww! Save the abuse until afterwards!" he whined, moving the covers back over Harry and abandoning the toothpaste on the bedside cabinet. "Shoelace!"

"Shoelace!" I repeated in a whispered, handing him the lace that I'd pulled out of one of Harry's shoes. I giggled quietly as Louis pressed a finger to his lips, dangling the shoelace above Harry's face and tickling his nose with it. "Awww!" I cooed, watching as Harry's nose twitched and he sniffed in his sleep. Louis tutted at me and continues to tickle his nose, getting a bit closer to him. I laughed loudly when Harry's hand shot up, smushing the toothpaste in Louis's shocked face.

"You two would make awful burglars," Harry mumbled sleepily, his eyes staying closed as he pushed the covers back and lifted his arm up. I grinned and kicked my shoes off, sliding in next to him and pulling the duvet back over us as his arm dropped around my shoulders.

"Oh I see how it is, Styles is awake so I get abandoned," Louis huffed, wiping his face free of toothpaste, and I poked my tongue out at him in reply as I cuddled up to Harry. He threw his other arm over my stomach and pulled me closer, burying his face in my hair as I let out another giggle. "Fine, whatever, I know when I'm not wanted. You two can stay here and practice making babies or whatever, I'm off out anyway!"

"Oh," I pouted. "Where are you going?"

"Just to meet Chels," he answered, a smile crossing his lips when he said her name. I felt Harry freeze behind me as I looked at Louis in confusion.

"Why would you be going to… Oh," I muttered, realisation hitting me when I saw the sheepish look on his face. "You're back together?"

"Mhmm…" he nodded. "We sorted things out, I thought Harry would have told you?"

"Hmm. So did I," I muttered, pulling out of Harry's arms and turned to glare at him. He buried his head in his pillow and ignored my stare. "Well," I turned back to Louis, a painted smile on my face. "Have fun! I probably won't be here when you get back, so I'll see you tomorrow?"

"What, I thought we were going to hang out today?" Harry sat up, yawning.

"We were," I glared at him and he sighed, frustrated as Louis glanced between us, confusion etched across his face.

"Right, erm, I'm going to go and let you two sort out your little lovers quarrel or whatever it is… Text me later, Cassie, tomorrow night. Don't worry Harry, I won't tell Liam you were in bed with his baby sister!" he grinned, winking at me and I stifled a laugh despite my mood. Urgh, I hated how he could always make me laugh. Bastard. Harry didn't say anything in reply, he just reached behind him and grabbed a pillow from underneath his head, throwing it at Louis who ducked out of the way just in time.

"Get the fuck out, Louis," he muttered, his hands rubbing over his face.

"Okay, okay… You want sexy time, I get it…"

"You're a fucking dick, just get out and go see your skanky girlfriend!" Harry snapped at him.

"Harry!" I hissed.

"Wow, you really need to get laid," Louis scoffed at him and pointed at me. "Make sure he's in a better mood by the time I get home!"

"GET. OUT!" Harry demanded. Louis rolled his eyes at him but did as he said, the front door of their apartment slamming shut a couple of minutes later. I sighed, snuggling further down in Harry's bed, my back to him as he slipped his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek. "I'm sorry," he whispered. "I should have told you."

"Mhmm." I mumbled.

"I just- you're my best friend, Cass. I knew if I told you, you'd be upset, and I didn't want-"

"Does he seriously still think there's something going on between us?" I interrupted him.

"Hmm," Harry scoffed. "I've told him we're not, but he thinks I'm lying because we sleep in the same bed sometimes. Just because he's incapable of keeping it in his pants doesn't mean the rest of us are."

"Do you, uhm…" I started nervously. "Do you think that's why he went back to Chelsea?"

"…Why, because he thinks we're together?" Harry asked, and I nodded, shivering as his breath hit the back of my neck. "Cassie…"

"No, I know. Forget I said anything, it's stupid. Why would he care who I was seeing? I'm just Liam's little sister."

"That's not true," Harry argued, his grip around my waist tightening. "You're my best friend, you're his best friend. He's just… He needs a kick up the arse, that's all. He'll realise one day, I promise."

"I've been waiting for him to realise for two years, Harry. I can't wait much longer."

"Then don't wait!" Harry let go of me and sat up, rolling me over to face. I frowned at the grin on his face. "Don't wait anymore! Find someone else! OH! I'll set you with Niall!"

"NO!" I laughed quietly. "No setting me up with Niall! Or Zayn, Harry!" I added quickly when he opened his mouth to speak, and he pouted at me. "But maybe I should just forget it and move on, you know? If anything was going to happen, it would have happened after Hannah. I… Oh it's just a stupid crush, Harry. It's about time I stopped thinking of it as anything more. Anyway!" I sat up and poked his stomach. "Get out of bed and get dressed, you're taking me out!"


"Thank you so much!"

"No problem," I smiled, handing the gushing fan in front of me her camera back.

"Do you mind… I mean… Can I get one with you, too?" she asked nervously and I looked at her in confusion. "It's just… You're Liam's sister and you're Harry's girlfriend…"


"Sure, I'll take it, Cass put your arm around Tessa!" Harry grinned at me, taking the camera off her – Tessa – and pointing over at me. Tessa let out a little squeak and stood next to me. I scowled at Harry, but put an arm around Tessa's shoulders and smiled as Harry snapped a picture of us. "Here ya go, Tess! It was really nice meeting you," Harry smiled, passing the camera back to her and slipping an arm around my shoulders.

"Thank you, it was meeting you too – both of you!" she smiled happily at us. "You make a really cute couple," she whispered shyly.


"Thank you!" Harry gave my shoulder a squeeze, and I glared at him. "Well, we best be off now, she's dragging me shopping so I can carry all her bags," he rolled his eyes at Tessa and she giggled at him. "Bye, hope to see you again soon!" he waved at her as he started to pull me down the road.

"You have to stop doing that!" I groaned, pulling my hand out of his grasp. "No wonder people think we're together…"

"Come on, it's fun!" he chuckled. "Liam goes purple everytime someone brings it up!"

"Oh, okay, so when my brother has an aneurism and his head explodes and he dies it'll be all you fault. I'll make sure to tell Liam's little fangirls that, thanks. They'll be out for blood, Styles."

"Hey, better they think you're with me than working out you're in love with Louis."

"I'm not in – I can't even believe you just said that in public," I muttered, crossing my arms over my chest. "I'm not in love with anyone, Harry. Just… forget it. I'm not hungry anymore, I'm gonna go home." I shrugged my shoulders and stepped towards the road, making sure nothing was coming before crossing.

"Cassidy…" Harry groaned, quickly following me and grabbing hold of my arm. "Stop acting like a lovesick teenager! C'mon, we'll go to mine and we'll watch a DVD and stuff our faces, okay? And we can attempt to plan your birthday party with Liam taking over, alright?"

"…Only if we watch Stand By Me," I smirked at him, laughing when I saw the pained look on his face. He hated watching that film with me, because I could recite it word for word. And I did. Everytime I watched. Every. Single. Time.

"Okay fine!" he threw his hands up in defeat and I giggled at him as I grabbed hold of his hand. "I love how you stop being mad at me and I don't even have to say sorry."

"It's the dimples," I told him, poking his cheek with my free hand. He stuck his tongue out at me, before stepping forward and pressing a sloppy kiss to my cheek. "You're such a fool!" I squealed, wiping my face as he laughed at me.

"Come on!" he laughed, lacing his fingers through mine and pulling me back in the direction of the apartment we'd left only fifteen minutes earlier. "Hey shall we see if Zayn and Niall want to come round too? Oh! They can bring booze!"

"No!" I giggled, shaking my head at him. "I can't get drunk, I can't be hungover tomorrow, I need to be happy because I'm seeing my wife!"

"You're girl-crush on Rihanna is unhealthy," he raised an eyebrow at me and I tutted, rolling my eyes. "But okay. They can bring booze for me," he grinned, pulling his phone out of his pocket, his fingers gliding over the screen before he pressed the phone to his ear. "Hey, man, it's me… Harry… Who else would be calling from my phone?" he pointed at the phone and pulled a face at me as we crossed the road opposite the apartment building. "Listen, me and Cass are gonna have a bit of a DVD afternoon… No mate, Stand By Me, I owe her," he scoffed. "You fancy coming? Okay, cool. Grab Zayn, bring him and bring booze! See you in a bit!" he hung up before Niall could complain. "He's coming."

"I gathered," I chuckled at him, following him inside the apartment building and into the lift. "Harry…?" I started quietly, avoiding his eyes as he looked at me questioningly. "Do you think… I mean, Louis and Chelsea… Do you think it'll last?"

"No," he answered, hardly pausing to think. "He doesn't love her. They're effectively using each other, in a way. He doesn’t like being single, she likes being able to say her boyfriend is in One Direction," he shrugged his shoulders as we stepped out of the lift and walked towards the flat, Harry slamming the door shut behind us once we were inside. "Don't take this the wrong way or anything, Cass, but you can do better than Louis fucking Tomlinson."

"He's your best friend. Be nice."

"You're my best friend, he's second. And I am being nice, I could have called him something worse," he mumbled. "I think you should try and move on, you know? Find someone else. I'd offer to help but you don't like my choices!"

"Your choices consist of Niall and Zayn!" I laughed, shrugging my jacket off and abandoning it on a chair. "They're like my brothers, it's creepy. Hey, if we're staying in can I borrow a pair of sweats? Skinny jeans are not the most comfortable of clothes to lounge around in."

"Yeah, sure, you know where they are," he waved a hand dismissively at me and I grinned in return, heading to his bedroom to search through his wardrobe. I quickly pulled on a pair of dark grey sweatpants and changed into one of his t-shirts before heading back into the living room and collapsing onto one of the sofas, swinging my legs over the armrest and resting my head on Harry's lap. "…Comfy?" he smirked. "You know I'm going to have to move when Niall and Zayn get here, right?" he asked, pushing my head off his lap. I tutted but moved away, sitting up as the there was a knock on the door. "It's open!"

"You're an arse!" I groaned, throwing a cushion at Harry.


"Hey Zayn!" I giggled, squealing when he dived on top of me and started kissing my face. "Get off me you fool!" I pushed him away and jumped up, running over to Niall and throwing my arms around him. "NIALL! I missed you!"

"I missed you too!" he laughed, slipping his arms around my waist and hugging me. "No Liam or Louis today, then?" he asked, raising an eyebrow as I shook my head. "But I see you're obviously with Harry. Again. You're joined at the hip."

"Did you bring booze?"

"Yes, Harry, we did," Zayn rolled his eyes at him, a plastic bag dangling from his fingers. I laughed as Harry snatched it off him and walked into the kitchen, telling me to set the DVD player up and pulling Niall along with him. "Can we watch something other than Stand By Me?" Zayn asked with a pout.

"Yeah, we can watch The Goonies first."

"Hey you guuuuuys!" Zayn grinned and I giggled at him again, grabbing the DVD and slipping it into the player. I turned round, debating on where to sit when I saw Zayn with his eyebrows raised, patting the seat next to him. I looked at him curiously, but sat down and smiled when his arm dropped around my shoulders. "Can I ask you something?"

"Kinda just did, Malik."

"…Cute. Seriously, can I ask you something?"

"Sure," I shrugged my shoulders, flicking through the adverts until the DVD settled on the display  menu.

"Exactly how long have you been head over heels for Louis?" he asked quietly, and I swear my heart nearly stopped. I tried to play it cool as I turned to look at him with what I hoped was a look of confusion, and not guilt, on my face.

"What are you-"

"Don't even try and deny it, Payne," he laughed quietly. "I know you guys used to have this little crush on each other back in the X Factor days, but how long have you been in love with him for?"

"…Did Harry tell you?" I mumbled, ignoring his question.

"No. We've asked Harry about it, he denies all knowledge. He's a good friend to tell secrets to. We already knew, we just wanted it confirming."

"We?" I looked at him in horror.

"Me, Niall and Liam. Don't worry, Louis's as clueless as the day he was born! He's got no idea, he really thinks you've got a thing for Harry and vice versa. And I can promise you that none of us will say a word to him unless you want us to."

"Why would I want you to tell him?!" I stared at him in confusion. "That would be like… like… that would be bad," I finished lamely when I couldn't think of an analogy, causing Zayn to laugh at me as Harry and Niall walked back in.

"Move, you're in my seat," Harry kicked Zayn's feet. "You're next to Cass, my seat is next to Cass. My seat is always next to Cass."

"We're watching The Goonies first." I told him.

"…You two can sit together," Harry's eyes widened and he plonked himself down on the other sofa, next to Niall. "Oh! I got you a drink!" he smiled, handing me a bottle of Budweiser.

"Cheers Haz," I took the drink off him and pressed play on the remote, settling down underneath Zayn's arm and resting my head on his shoulder.

We got through The Goonies, myself and Zayn quoting most of it and laughing at things we really shouldn't find funny at 18 and 19 years of age, but we did anyway. Stand By Me was almost over and I could feel the tears pooling in my eyes as River Phoenix's character faded off screen.

"And she's off!" Niall chuckled, pointing a finger at me. Harry turned and rolled his eyes when he saw me sniffing and wiping away tears. "Zayn, hug her man before she starts bawling her eyes out!"

"Aww!" Zayn laughed quietly, wrapping his arms around me and kissing my forehead. I pushed him away and wiped my eyes, hearing voices coming from the hallway, followed the by the front door closing.

"Yeah, I'm home Chels, I'll – oh the guys are here, can I call – oh my God Cassidy what's wrong?!" Louis's eyes widened when he looked at me and he quickly ended the call without saying goodbye to Chelsea. Not gonna lie, a tiny part of me was extremely giddy that he'd hung up on her to see if I was okay. "Why are you crying?!" he asked, panic in his voice as he knelt in front of me and took my hands in his. "Why are none of you fuckers making sure she's alright?!"

"Lou…" Harry gave him a funny look. "Mate, we're just finished watching Stand By Me, you know how said she gets at the end."

"Because River died in real life, and he fades out in the film, and it's sad," I sniffed, a tear trickling down my cheek. Zayn laughed, his thumb swiping the lone tear away as he winked at me and raised his eyebrow, glancing down at Louis who was too busy glaring at Harry to notice.

"Why'd you let her watch it when you know it makes her cry?!"

"As if he could have stopped her!" Niall piped up.

"Are you okay?" Louis asked quietly, ignoring Niall and turning back to me.

"I'm fine, it's just a film, you know I cry over films," I shrugged my shoulders and looked down at my hands, quickly pulling them out of Louis's grasp when I realised he still had hold of them. "Talk about overreacting…" I laughed nervously, moving closer to Zayn. I was suddenly incredibly on edge now that I knew it wasn't just Harry who was aware of my feelings.

"You're my friend, you were crying," Louis frowned. "Sorry I overreacted," he rolled his eyes. "At least I was making sure you're okay, maybe next time your boyfriend lets you watch something he knows makes you cry, he could look after you," he shot a glare at Harry.

"Will do mate, thanks for the advice," Harry nodded, tipping his bottle at Louis as I stifled a laugh. Louis rolled his eyes again and shot a small smile in my direction and grabbing my hands, pulling me into a standing position.

"Come on, I want some Lassie time, you've neglected me for long enough!" he pulled a face and I couldn’t help but laugh when he referred to us as 'Lassie'. "We're going to my room," he called back to the other three, pulling me along behind him.

"Keep the door open please, don't want you trying to steal my girlfriend!" Harry called after us. I turned round, my eyes wide as I silently pleaded with him to get me out of going to Louis's room with him, but he just smirked and shot me a wink.


Harry fucking Styles.

Remind me to kill him later.


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