Little Things

This is my story.
(*One Direction Fan fic*)


1. Memory Lane

Hi, my name is Kaylee.....this is my story....




   It was a cool crisp November, a layer of snow had just covered the grass. I rolled out of bed groaning, not wanting to go to school. (like always) Okay, I'm just a normal 16 year old....not really....4 years ago my father passed away....not only that, I get bullied. Things thrown at me, abused, and even threatening words. I come home crying everyday. My life, Sucks....Period....I got up and grabbed the knife clenching my fingers around it. "Don't do it, Don't do it...." I slid down my door crying the words swirling through my head. Just then my mom burst through the door. "Kaylee....We're moving.."







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