Rock me 1d

Sharnie is a girl who's got no one until 5 gorgeous guys change everything, but is it for the best?


2. Holy cheesocles!

Harry POV

I was walking towards the table where the boys where sitting when smack, I whacked straight into the waitress spilling the order she was bring to customer all over her. When she looked up at me I wasn't prepared for what I saw, she was so gorgeous she had the most lovely green eyes, and her hair was the color off the most amazing golden brown.
"I'm so sorry I'm so clumsy, here" she passed me a napkin
"No I wasn't watching where I was going" I replied
"Sorry I've gotta go get this man another order sorry" she said as she turned to walk away.

Sharnies POV

Holy chhesocles that was Harry freaking styles!
Ok calm down as I walked back to the kitchen I told myself

I walked up to there table so nervous my knees where about to buckle
"What would you like to order today gentleman." I asked regaining control
"What would you recommend?" Asked the one with short brown hair I think his name was Louis
"We have the best damn Mac n cheese" I answered
"I'll have that" he exclaimed

And so they went on ordering Harry with pizza nial with spicy chicken zayn with a red bull and Liam with roast beef.

Liam POV

Harry was so right and it seemed nial and zayn had noticed to cause when she walked over boy did she walk over she looked so stunning with just enough curves and her hair o boy.

When she returned to give us our orders, Harry asked what time she got off work!
He needs to learn how to treat a lady.
"At 7 why?"
"Because it would be awesome if you could come hang with us" zayn interrupted
What! Is happening has these boys lost there minds she was realy pretty but I think they were coming on a bit to strong.
"I'll have to call my parents first" she said nervously

Sharnies POV

Omg can I faint now zayn the zayn Malik had just asked if I could hang with them.

I called Johnny and informed him I would be hanging with friends

I went back to the boys table to tell them I could come but they were gone, I should off saw this coming a bunch off band boys trying to psych a girl up only to leave her empty handed. I walked up to the table to get there bill money only to find a really huge tip and a note that had there numbers on and said to contact them.

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