Rock me 1d

Sharnie is a girl who's got no one until 5 gorgeous guys change everything, but is it for the best?


3. Dinner for six

Sharnies POV

Ok so here I was sitting in the back off a cab heading to a music studio, freaking out. The boys had invited me to watch them rehearse for there next concert, when the cab stopped in front off the studio I payed him and walked through the doors when I heard arguing
"I saw her first that gives me the right to her" one said
"She is not a toy you can't have the right to anyone" another said a bit louder
"Boys lets be serious SHE can choose which one off us she likes" I swear that was zayn!
"You guys always get the girl" whined Nial?
Who were they arguing about?
That's when Louis turned around and saw me
"Did you hear all of that" he asked nervously
"Yea, who you guys arguing about" I asked quizzically
"No one" yelled Nial rather quickly
That's when Paul popped his head round the corner to inform the boys rehearsals started in 15.
"Who wants to play the wii?" Asked Harry smiling, god that smile would put a hundred puppies to shame
"Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" I yelled I havnt played the wii in like forever
So for ten minutes we all played wii baseball, Louis won of course.

The boys sang take me home, heartattack, rock me, little things and heaps off others.
When they finished it was like 2:30
"Lili I'm going to die off starvation may I eat your left arm?" Inquired Nial
"Yea I'm starving to" complained Harry
"Ok you guys go i need to talk to Paul for a minute, wanna stay with Sharnie?" Zayn asked me
"Sure" I said but then again who wouldn't

Zayn POV

Sharnie had said yes to stay yes! So here we were walking to the storage room to get some boxes for Paul I stopped in the middle off the hall.
"What's wrong?" She asked
I turned around and grabbed her by the waist and plastered my lips to hers
At first she was shocked and started pushing my chest but then she melted into me opening her mouth so my tough could have entrance our tongues danced for what seemed like hours but was probably like 2 minutes when she hesitantly pulled away and looked into my eyes then I grabbed her hand and just kept walking to the storage room.

Sharnies POV

We where in Paul's car driving to KFC where the guys were eating when Zayn interrupted the silence
"About the kiss, Sharnie I think your really sweet and pretty I'm willing to give it a try if you are, so what I'm trying to say is , will you go out with me"
I was so shocked all I could do was nod ferociously
He leaned over and kissed me gently on the cheek, I now, know what people mean when they say they have butterflies in there stomach it felt like every butterfly has just flocked to reside in my gut.

From then till we got to KFC we sat hand in hand talking about ourselves
Told him about my family, school, all the house staff and work
"Wow, you've had a rough one" he laughed
"Yea but I pull through, so tell me about yourself" and so it whent on.
When we got there he held the door open and walked in with his hand around my waist
"What's all this" exclaimed Harry
"We are going out" said Zayn proudly
"What, how are we even going to get a chance if you already took her!" Yelled Harry
We! did the others like me to I was so overwhelmed I started crying and ran out.

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