Rock me 1d

Sharnie is a girl who's got no one until 5 gorgeous guys change everything, but is it for the best?


1. School drama :)

Sharnies POV

"Can we fall one more time, stop the tape and rewind and if you walk away I know I'll faint cause there is nobody else it's gotta be youuuu!" Blared from my alarm clock. I got up and did the morning ritual dress, brush hair eat etc. It was the first day back from spring break and I was goin back to school yay not.

20 mins later I was at my locker when I heard that laugh, god it sent shivers down my back. It belonged to Jamie Diar .

I don't understand Jamie she always thinks she has to up what I've got, I don't wanna compete with her. What's to compete with she's realy pretty and popular.

Any friends I had before we became arch enemies was ripped away. When she had a heart attack cause her boyfriend got paired with me in science in year 7 for god sake. I just walked past her with my head down.

" yea that's right keep your head down you spoiled brat" she cackled with her mindless followers

Yes my family is rich but I was not happy at all my mum is always at work and when she gets home she just scolds me 'why can't you be better at school' 'stop pestering me child' 'do something with your life'
My dad just ignores me I asked him why once he just muttered to himself why he even kept me


Johnny my chauffeur arrived but I told him I would walk to work I needed some fresh air for a minute. As I was delivering a customers order a young man about the same age as me 18 or so bumped into me splattering all the food I was carrying all over me. As I looked up to see who it was, I almost had a heart attack it was Harry styles.
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