shadows are becoming stronger eating up all evil and good in its path but in the distence one group of people could make all the difrence


2. the meeting

Summer stared at one last secret if she had eny chance of Daved loving her then she would one day have to tell him but untill then it would have to stay a secret even her perents didnt know Shelly and Lola were her best friends but they could never ever know the truth it could ruin there friendship for ever.

11:00 Saterday morning old forest

Daved was wodering if the call from a local called Shelly was just a silly game but his mates Sam and Luke were more than happy to help 3 girls there age but Daved wasnt a do it just for a date guy but every one says he is 13 and hasnt had one date sure he had been asked a million times by girls and guys but he just wonted one specile girl thst was prity clever and always kind but so far he had no luck.

Aproching was three girls one was very ahead and was strong and was slightly scary it was sure she was shelly the one who had set the hole thing up she had strait light brown hair down to her waist,darkish skin and brown eyes.The second girl was a chatter box and would not stop talking had short black hair blue eyes and pale skin.The third was a quite and butiful girl and had waist long curly dark blond hair and tand skin.


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