shadows are becoming stronger eating up all evil and good in its path but in the distence one group of people could make all the difrence


3. hello

"Hi you must be David i am Summer" she said as soon as she  saw him. "yes i am nice to meet you summer " he replied smileing. "hi i am lola summer has been dieing to meet you" lola anoced smileing david didnt care she seemed like the nices girl he had ever met. lola moved on and shelly went over to say hi " hi i am shelly i called you so shall we get going".


They walked deeper into the old forest untill they reached a clearing  but the ground was black and the trees and grass was burnd  no animals or birds were making a sound or eny were to see it was so shocking david herd a gasp from behind him and turnd round to see summer with a horified look on her face of course  the other girls couldnt cear less but she did it was like she was like him. a shreak broke the silence it wasnt one of them so they followed the sound but stoped in there trakes all around them was dark shadows closing in on them bit by bit untill one spoke.


" we wish to speak to summer locksly" now david was scared they could kill her or all of them or well he didnt know what was worse but summer steped forward shakly the other girls steped forward too but summer stoped them and continued on her own towards the dark and misty shadows going closer it grabed her covering her so the others could not see or here them then it spoke to her "if you show or tell them your secrect you can all live if not we will tell them and they will ether die or come with us your chioce" it said returning her to the others to make her choice...

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