shadows are becoming stronger eating up all evil and good in its path but in the distence one group of people could make all the difrence


6. hell

her and sam waving good by too shelly david luke and lola she had her wings out and was going home the light turned to darkness and she was back in the room with the others but she was raped in the shadowes."aque tell them show them who they are or we will cuase you pain" they said as they scrached down her back she screamed curling up into a ball on the floor the shadows still around her she did the one thing she should not do but she new they would die if she did not. she opend her white wings light shining from them cuaseing the shadows to leave her infront of her friends on the floor wings out.then she passsed out.

"it must be true she must be one of the two angels i know it is hard to beleve but you just wached your friend be attaked by shadowse and wings come out her back so we will keep this a secret but now the shadowse know we are with her there is only her in the way so lets hide stay alive find out how to kill thease things and come up with what to tell are perents david weres your writing house lets go there now i will get her stuff and her and meet you there every one else get your stuff enything you think we will need and meet there ok lets go" sam said as they all got to what they were to do.

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