shadows are becoming stronger eating up all evil and good in its path but in the distence one group of people could make all the difrence


1. growing

The path was growing stronger but it was happie odd for a shadow dark evil things with only a few things  on its mind death,evil and well the people who could stop it and at this time they were at school in a small town called singwood in singwood comprehensive.

"You are such a show off  hardly here and you always get avrige scores in your reports" sighed lola as she read summers report at break that day."hey you two stop foucesing on your geekness and come listen to this" shelly shouted at them as she started towards them.

"in the old forests of singwood people have been found dead but the corse of death is unknowne but siteing of a figer dressed in black as been spotted at every crime scene at the same time more of the old forest is being turned to ashes by who is suspected to be the culprit of the murders at hand" informs local reporter 13 year old daved long.

"so what is so amazing about that"lola moans as shelly finished reading the artical."daved long wrote it he is so hot and very kind i have never met him but i would love too" summer smiels as she startes to pictuer them together kissing."No we could become detectives and sneak around also i happen to know daved longs number and i have called him we are meeting him in the forest summer,lola,me,daved and two of his fello reporters guys by the way i havent met them yet but saterday at 11 in the morning be there" shelly anounsed they all agreed and went there separte ways for the rest of the day all a buz with the idea of meeting the reporter and investegateing...

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