shadows are becoming stronger eating up all evil and good in its path but in the distence one group of people could make all the difrence


5. darkness

the shadows were geting closer she new it and new they would stop at nothing to get there hands on her for the one thing she can never tell unless too a husband so to speak but she was too young for that now so she would risk a lot if she told them but all of it could be un done by the shadows.

her dads office was large and had desks on every wall and a cubord full of fold up chairs her dad no longer used it because he started work at a difrent company so now it was hers and had two computers wi fi a tv and lots of art and writing stuff.

"were here will you let us in" shelly called from behind the locked door of the office."ok coming" summer replied as she went to anser the door."hi i am david and you are" said the short black haird one as he held out his hand to summer to shake rather formal for a 13 year old. but she shoke it eny way "i am summer the expert on the umm... stuff in the old forest and chef nerd nice to meet you" she replied."this is sam and luke my best mates and the put together what i wight and your welcome to call sam eny time you like cus he is are chef nerd" david laphed as he pointed to the two guys by the door one was wearing a pair of old baggey trousers and a guns and roses t-shirt blond flufy hair and green eyes to go with his taned skin that must be luke shelly seems to have had an eye on him.the other was wearing loose jeans and a plain top that went nicely with his darkish skin and light blue eyes that shone compaird to his dark brown locks he was hot even compaird to cashle shirt trackys black hair and brown eye david sam was hotter, summers kind of guy.

all heading over to the on computer that summer had been writing on ready for summer to inform them on what she had found out so far.

"ok so were do i start well do you beleave in miyths and legends cus this is mostly that" she started."i do so i think thats all that matters" david anounced. "lets start well there called shadows they are farst flicker and disipear into corners or mirrors some beleve to be evil others say they are gardiun angels also talking about gardain angels shadows only ushaly apear to seek out a gardain angel and to make it show thouse closit to them  its secret meaning its gaurd would be left alone because the angel would have to return to heaven but shadows would only ever come arfter angels that are protecting a person capable of vanqushing shadowse and if left alone would surely be killed and all the events in the old forest only points to one thing that there is a gardian angel in singwood and a shadow killer along with shadows" every one stoped silent to breath in the info just as dark balls of darkness burst throw the windows and envolped summer into it just as she started to see the futer flash...


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