My Trip Too London

It's about a girl named "Sarah" and she takes a trip over her Summer Vacation too London to see her "Uncle" and "Aunty"and her Cousin "Erica" what happens when "Sarah" and "Erica take a ride on the London Eye and meet 5 teenage boys also known as "One Direction" what will happen when "Zayn," "Niall",and "Harry" all fall for "Sarah" who will she choose? and who will get their heart broken? read to find out too find out what happens between "Sarah" and the 3 Boys "Zayn", "Niall", and "Harry"


3. The London Eye

Sarah's P.O.V-as me and Erica turned around we se five teenage boys I look as soon as a thick British accent spoke and he said, Louis's P.O.V- Hi I'm Louis, Liam's P.O.V- Hi I'm Liam, Zayn's P.O.V- Hi I'm Zayn (blushing), Niall's P.O.V- Hi I'm Niall I'm Irish. Sarah's P.O.V- I can see that (giggling), Harry 's P.O.V- Hi I'm Harry "in a husky,quite voice" Sarah- Hello I'm Sarah nice to meet you all! Louis's P.O.V- So what brings you hear love? Sarah's P.O.V- Me and my Cousin Erica are just site seeing while I'm in London for Summer Vacation, Louis- Are you enjoying it so..far?
Sarah's P.O.V- I am so far!
(everyone starts laughing) as Zayn,Niall,Harry were staring at me
I start to *blush* as Harry slips a price of paper into my pockets as Zayn and Niall look at him with a death stare Liam's P.O.V- Boys not in hear please! as the ride almost ends I walk out I feel a tight grip on my wrist as I turn around it was Zayn he kisses me on the cheek softly pulls me aside
Zayn's P.O.V- Sarah would you like to go out to dinner with me tonight? Sarah- I would love too he gives me his phone number and he said Great I'll text you all the details later I start to blush all the boys gave me a hug and Niall and Harry give me a soft peck on the cheek I start to *blush* all the boys have me hugs Zayn's lasted the most and then we said out Good-bye's and me and Erica head off she said Zayn,Niall and Harry totally were totally crushing on you Omg Ah!! No way they couldn't be, Yes Way they were I'm so..happy for you!! Awe thank you.
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