My Trip Too London

It's about a girl named "Sarah" and she takes a trip over her Summer Vacation too London to see her "Uncle" and "Aunty"and her Cousin "Erica" what happens when "Sarah" and "Erica take a ride on the London Eye and meet 5 teenage boys also known as "One Direction" what will happen when "Zayn," "Niall",and "Harry" all fall for "Sarah" who will she choose? and who will get their heart broken? read to find out too find out what happens between "Sarah" and the 3 Boys "Zayn", "Niall", and "Harry"


1. My Trip to London

Sarah's P.O.V- Over the summer I was planning a trip to go see my Family in London because I was all the way In Vancouver and so I started packing to go see them for the summer I started packing all my stuff up and by the time I was done It was eight thirty I went into the living room I flicked through some channels and then I went to bed around ten o clock in the morning my flight left at seven thirty so I went to sleep and thought about how much fun I was going to have with my Family

Next Morning...

Sarah's P.O.V- I saw sunshine shining through my curtains I hear the birds chirping and that was my signal to get up I flung my feet on the side of the bed I dragged my butt out of bed and I went to the bathroom I had a shower and brushed my golden brown hair and heated up my curling iron and curled my hair and then pit my skinny jeans and a red designer top and black boots to top it all of my Mom shouts down the stairs and said "Sarah Your Going To Be Late For You Flight!" I shouted down stairs "I'm coming!" so my mom drove me to the airport and it was quite awkward the whole in tire drive until my mom broke the silence and and they put my bags on a moving thing and my Mom helped me get settled and I had to wait for about an hour for my flight so when I saw when my plane was coming in they called all the passengers and so I got up on the plane I waved good-bye to my Mom and I got my seat I sat in the middle of the plane it was about 13 hours from Vancouver so the plane took off and a lady walked by and asked if I needed anything and I said no thank you and so she just walked away and I was enjoying the view from my window it was so beautiful but I was kind of getting air sick but it was fine I had everything and as it got darker I fell asleep

Next Morning..
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