Annie Richardson, Bonnie Hyde, Rachael Caparelli and Des Palmer are in the band 'Secret Tomorrow.' When they got famous on the X Factor, it turned their lives around. Can 5 British boys and 1 Irish lad turn it around again?

(Admin Note: Little Mix did not exist in this story... so all of Little Mix's songs are now Secret Tomorrow's songs)


3. The Long Story...

Rachael's POV


"What's wrong with coffee?" Niall asked.

Oh god, here it comes...

"I'm warning you, it's a long story," I told them, looking Zayn in the eye especially because I know he isn't as patient as the other boys.

"We have time don't worry, now what is wrong with coffee?" Zayn asked, repeating Niall's question.

"You sure..." Bonnie said, making sure because it really was a LONG story.

"Yeah, now come on," Zayn said. Inpatient guy!

"Okay, well," Annie started. "The first time Des had coffee, we were with her. She goes all hypo when she has the smallest amount of coffee. Don't asked me why, because I don't know. The first time she had coffee, she flipped the table. We just thought she was going crazy! The second time was much worse... She dressed up as Superman and went around to random people asking if they needed help. Now..."

"Okay, okay, we get it," Harry said, laughing.

"Hey, we asked you!" I pointed out, while the girls nodded at my comment.

"I'll come with you," I said to Zayn, who stood up to get the drinks.

"And I'm getting YOU a hot chocolate," I told Des, who pouted.

"But I wanna coffee," Des whined.

I just rolled my eyes and walked off, laughing with Zayn.

"You didn't ask what the girls want," Zayn told me, a bit of confusion on his face. Aw that's so cute. Yes I admit I have a crush on Zayn, but who wouldn't?

"Nah, I know what they want," I told him, smiling.

"Hello," I told the lady at Starbucks who was waiting for me to order. "Can I have one hot chocolate, and three coffees please? And what do the boys want Zayn?" I asked, turning around to face him.

"Make that eight coffees please," Zayn told the lady.

"Is that all for today?" The lady asked, which her name said Georgia.

"Yes thanks," I smiled at Georgia.

"That would be $17.15 for today thanks," The lady said.

Zayn paid her, and he got the drinks and went back to the table. For two hours we laughed and talked and got to know each other a lot better.

"Shit!" I said, standing up quickly.

"What's up, love?" Zayn asked me. Wow, this voice is heaven.

"We," I said, indication the girls and I, "have a photo shoot in 5 minutes!"

"SHIT!" All the girls screamed.

"Well we have to go, nice meeting you boys. Bye!" Bonnie said, as we rushed out the doors and started running towards the studio to do our photo shoot.





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