Annie Richardson, Bonnie Hyde, Rachael Caparelli and Des Palmer are in the band 'Secret Tomorrow.' When they got famous on the X Factor, it turned their lives around. Can 5 British boys and 1 Irish lad turn it around again?

(Admin Note: Little Mix did not exist in this story... so all of Little Mix's songs are now Secret Tomorrow's songs)


12. The Chase

Rachael's POV


We just finished recording our single DNA. It was pretty tiring, because we had to sing every song on the album, and I don't know how but the boys just sat there through it. I would've thought they would've been bored, but apparently I was wrong.

"You did great, babe," Zayn whispered in my ear, kissing me on the cheek, making me giggle. I seem to do that a lot while we is around.

We were walking to the exit, and as soon as we opened the doors, millions of fans were there screaming.

Us girls just stopped dead. I heard Niall and Des talking, but I couldn't move. I hated being around a lot of people.

"Hey, Rachael, you com-"

I cut Zayn off. I turned on my heels and sprinted down the hall. I kept hearing the boys and girls calling my name, but I didn't care.

I kept on running until I came to a bathroom. A girls bathroom, of course.

I opened the door, running inside and quickly slamming it shut behind me. I slid down the door, reaching the ground and putting my head in my hand. I started to sob, hard and hard. I don't even know why, I've never cried over being around to much people.

"Rachael..." You heard from the other side of the door. You instantly knew who it was. "Rachael, come out please.."

"Zayn, go away. I don't want to be around anyone at the moment." You told him, sighing.

You didn't hear footsteps go away, all you heard was him sliding down the door like you did minutes before. You two stayed like that for awhile, just in silence.

Suddenly, you started singing. You don't know why, but you always sang when you cried.

'Be happy and know that I'm
Watching you travel far and wide
Waiting for us to meet again...'

I suddenly stopped singing, you didn't really want to sing that song. I started to think and think and think of a new song...

"You know, Rachael, you have probably the sweetest voice I have ever heard," I suddenly heard Zayn say, making you blush.

I didn't want to answer him though, so I started singing again.

'Cause no one else will do
Don't wanna be by myself
I wanna be dancing with you...'

'Cause you changed me
And now I believe
And I need to fell alive
Oo, We have to survive...'

I stopped singing, stood up, adjusted my skirt, and opened the bathroom door. Zayn wasn't wasn't paying attention, so he fell through the door, shocked. I started to laugh, uncontrollably. I laughed until I started to cry, but kept on laughing.

"Oh, you think this is funny, do you?" Zayn asked, standing up and flashing you a cheeky grin.

An idea flashed into my head. I pushed Zayn, and made a break for it. I stared running really fast and Zayn laughing and following me.

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