Annie Richardson, Bonnie Hyde, Rachael Caparelli and Des Palmer are in the band 'Secret Tomorrow.' When they got famous on the X Factor, it turned their lives around. Can 5 British boys and 1 Irish lad turn it around again?

(Admin Note: Little Mix did not exist in this story... so all of Little Mix's songs are now Secret Tomorrow's songs)


13. Starbucks

Bonnie's POV



"AAARRRGGGGG," I yell at my stupid alarm clock. Seriously, who ever invented them should go to jail!

I go to turn my alarm clock off, but it won't turn of. I keep hitting the button but it's broken.

"STUPID THING!!" I yelled, picked it up and threw it against the wall. 

Ah, finally. Peace an-

"WHAT THE FUCK BONNIE," I heard Rachael yell. Oops...

"What?" I asked innocently, playing it cool.

"Oh, I don't know, exce-"

"HA!" I yelled. "YOU DON'T KNOW SO NO EXCUSE!" And with that I jumped up from my bed and ran out the room.

Ha ha! Suck on that Rachael, I win again.

Hmm... what to do? What to do?

I feel like... STARBUCKS! And being the nice friend I am, I will not bring home to girls anything. Ha ha!

So I skipped back to our room, and over to the closet.

"Where are you going so early in the morning?" Annie asked me, looking very sleepy.

"No where. And for your information girlfriend, its 10 in the morning." I said, sassing out.

I grabbed out my colourful checked shirt, navy blue suspenders, denim shorts, and my under things.

I was walking to the bathroom to have a shower, when I noticed something.

I walked over to my dressing table, and I found my light pink bow tie.

"Well, I guess that completes my outfit for today!" I grabbed it and continued walking to the bathroom.


*20 minutes later*


I hopped out of the shower feeling so fresh and clean. I got dressed in my lovely clothing for the day, and started on my hair.

"Hmm, lovely hair of mine, what kind of style would you like to be in today?"

I decided to just wear it naturally down, so I grabbed my comb, combed it out and blow dried it.

After 10 minutes of blow drying, I brushed my teeth and was finally ready to go to Starbucks!

I grabbed my keys, phone and walked outside. I was walking down the driveway when...

"SHIT!" I cursed and walked back inside.

I unlocked the door and walked straight back in.

"Back so soon?" Des asked.

"Holy shit Des, you scared me. And yeh... I forgot shoes."

While Des was finishing laughed her head off, I walked up the stairs, grabbed some thongs and walked back out the house.

While I was walking down the street to Starbucks, my phone went off. I looked at it a it immediately brought a smile to my face.


From: Louis;)

Hey babe. Have some news. Meet me at Starbucks in 5? X


I mentally laughed.


To: Louis;)

Hey babe. Oohh what is it? And I'm heading there now anyway. See you x


I put my phone in my back pocket of my shorts and continued to Starbucks.

When I walked in, I saw Louis sitting in on of the booths. He was wearing... What the fuck?!

"Louis..." I said to him.

"Hey babe," he said to me, smiling like there was nothing wrong.

"Why the fuck are you wearing a wetsuit? We are no where near the beach!" I said, starting to laugh.

He just shrugged. "I felt like it," He kissed me on the cheek and told me to sit.

"What would you like to order?" He asked me.

"Coffee please," I said politely.

"Good because I already ordered," he said, poking out his tongue to me. I just returned it.

"So... the news?" I asked him.

"Well... We are going on tour tomorrow, and so are you guys..." Shit, I totally forgot about tour.

"You forgot didn't you?" He said me, smiling like a dork.

I just rolled my eyes at him.

"Anyway, Paul said that maybe we could join tours?"

I jumped up and down like a sick puppy. "OH MY GOD THAT WOULD BE AMAZING OH MY GOD THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!" I screamed, and people turned there heads.


"Shit," I cursed.

Louis grabbed my hand and pulled me out of starbucks and we ran down the road all the way to my apartment, laughing all the way.

We reached the door and Louis opened it and pushed me inside. Wait, didn't I lock that?

"That was hilarious," I said.

"Yeh it was," Louis said laughing.

Just at the moment, Annie walked out. She was wearing her black tank top that was silver 3D spikes on it, a beaded necklace, a Secret Tomorrow necklace and denim shorts. She also wore thongs and her hair naturally.

"Hey," she said smiled and walked out. 5 seconds later, she came walking backwards into the hallway and looked at Louis.

"Louis, why the hell are you in a wetsuit? We aren't even near the beach!" She said.

"Well then... LET'S GO!"

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