Annie Richardson, Bonnie Hyde, Rachael Caparelli and Des Palmer are in the band 'Secret Tomorrow.' When they got famous on the X Factor, it turned their lives around. Can 5 British boys and 1 Irish lad turn it around again?

(Admin Note: Little Mix did not exist in this story... so all of Little Mix's songs are now Secret Tomorrow's songs)


7. Rayn's Date

Zayn's POV


We knocked on the girl's house, ready for our dates!

"HOLD ON A MINUTE!" We heard Des shout. We had to laugh at her.

When the girls answered the door, I was more than surprised. How can Rachael get more stunning than she already is?

Rachael was wearing a short sleeved blue dress, than came down to just above her knees. It had lighter blue ripples though it, which made it look more amazing. She also wore yellow sandals with fake diamonds on the top and down the side strap.

I took her hand and led her to my car, where I turned around and whispered in her ear. "You look incredible," I whispered, making her shudder. "Thank you, you look great too," she whispered back.

We got in the car and drove to out destination. I was taking her to TGIF, my absolute favourite restaurant.

"Where are we going?" Rachael asked, looking at me.

"It's a surprise," I told her, making her eyes shine.

"Ohhh, I love surprises." She squealed, jumping in her seat like a little kid. You gotta love her.

Did I just say I love her? Shit, I really think I have fallen for Rachael.

When we reached TGIF, she squealed in delight. "Oh my god, I've always wanted to go here. Thank you," she told me, kissing my cheek. Well she tried to at least, I turned my head, facing her, and kissed her on the lips. She chuckled.

We got out and walked into TGIF. I rented out this place, so it would be just us. We walked in, and I slipped my hand around her waist. There was just one table in the middle of the room, witch you could only see because of the candle in the middle.

"Oh my god Zayn, I love it." She said again, looking at me with passion in her eyes

We ate or our dinnter, entree, main and dessert. I won't bore you with our conversation, but we had a really good time.

"Rachael," I said, looking up from my dessert.

"Yeah, Zayn?" She answered.

"I know we only met yesterday, and you probably won't feel the same way... but I think I like you," I said shyly, rubbing the back of my neck with my hand.

"Aww, thank god," She mumbled, but I heard her.

"What?" I asked, really confused.

"I thought you didn't like me, and only came because Harry told you too. And I think I like you too," She finished, causing me to smile.

I stood up, walked over to her chair and kissed her. She kissed me back passionately. After that we went home, after the best date of my life!

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