Annie Richardson, Bonnie Hyde, Rachael Caparelli and Des Palmer are in the band 'Secret Tomorrow.' When they got famous on the X Factor, it turned their lives around. Can 5 British boys and 1 Irish lad turn it around again?

(Admin Note: Little Mix did not exist in this story... so all of Little Mix's songs are now Secret Tomorrow's songs)


4. One Condition

Bonnie's POV


We were running to our photo shoot, because it started in 2 minutes!

"Oh, shit!" I exclaimed, and stopped running.

"What? What is it Bonnie?" Annie asked me, while the others stopped running as well.

"Our photo shoot is half way across town! And," I say, while looking at my watch. "We are now officially late."

"We can help you with that," A familiar voice behind me said.

We turned around, laughing at the sight.

"Boys, why did you follow us?" I asked them.

"Well, I don't know how but Louis somehow knew you were gonna be in trouble, so we followed you. But the main reason is that it was funny," Liam said to us.

"Okay whatever. So, you said you could help us?" Rachael said, looking desperate.

"Yes, we can drive you to your photo shoot," Harry said. We all looked at them hopefully. "On one condition." He continued, smiling.

"And that is?" Des asked them, looking quite suspicious.

"If you four," Harry said, indication us. "Go on a date with these four," He continued, indication the other four boys.

"What about you? If I know you well enough, won't you be lonely?" I teased, while the others laughed.

"Nope, I have my own girl. Her name is Georgia, she works at Starbucks," Harry said shyly, blushing slightly.

"Aw, little Harry is blushing," I quickly grabbed out my iPhone and snapped a picture, which showed him blushing perfectly.

"Anyway, will you?" Louis asked us, looking hopeful.

"Will what?" Rachael asked. Wow, that girl could be clueless at some point.

"Go on dates with us," Zayn said, rolling his eyes and laughing. I swear he likes her!

"Depends... who will we go with?" Des asked.

"Well..." Harry started. "The boys wanted me to chose, since I am the 'match maker'. Anyway, I think Rachael and Zayn should go. Des and Niall, Annie and Liam, and Bonnie and Louis!" He pronounced like he was on a television show. Weird...

"I'm cool with that," I said, looking over at Louis and smiling.

"Same here," Louis said, smiling back.

All the others agreed, and also agreed to be picked up 7:00 that night.

"Uhh... guys," I said. They all looked at me. Currently we were talking to our 'dates' for tonight.

"We are half an hour late for our photo shoot...." I said, looking at them.

"Oh shit!"

The boys raced us there, like literally RACED us there. We had to apologise for being late, but the best part was that the boys got to stay and watch us do the photo shoot!

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