Parachute ~Twilight~*English*

This is my story for the danish Twilight competition, so I would be totally happy, if you would throw a comment, a like or maybe add on fav. list....
This is a continuation from where the books end.
Bella and Edward have to leave their home, because a new vampire clan from England is coming. They want Renesmee.
I hope that you enjoy reading my story. //LalalaLaura....xD.


3. Why do we have to leave?


When we came to the house, where my family lives, where they standing there with faces, saying that something were very wrong. I haven’t ever seen them look like that. I scared me. I couldn’t imagine anything that could make their faces that angry, afraid and in shock at the same time.

My hand was again on my mother’s cheek, asking why they looked like that at us. She ignored me. Or maybe she didn’t hear my way of talking, because she didn’t answer. Like Jake and my dad, where she starred frightening at them.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Jacob. And hold his arms out from his body. I know what that sign means. It means that he want me to come up in his safe arms. I was scared, so to be a safe place, wasn’t something you have to tell me to go twice.  Out of my mother’s arms, I jumped, and then I ran the 2 meters over to him as fast as I could. Set of in a high jump, in my eagerness after being safe.

When no one was answering, he repeated his question. Then did Emmett wake up of everyone trance. He first looked a little confused, but after a few seconds answered he with his strong voice: “Bella, Edward and Nessie have to leave this place. A new vampire family from England is coming. They want Renesmee.”

I was in shock. Why did they want me? I didn’t get it. I’m just me. I’m Nessie. No one else. I looked at Jacob and asked him, on my own way, why they wanted me. A sad look suddenly appears on his face, and I regret that I’ve asked.

“Because you are a special little girl. They don’t have a girl like you, so they are jealous and want you” He answered.  Now was I really scared. My first thought was to fight. Why didn’t we just talk to them, like we did to the ugly people in the black dresses?

“Why do we have to leave?” I asked, “Why can’t we just stay here and talk to them?”  Everyone looked at me. I got everybody’s attention. Normal would I love to be in focus, but right now, I rather wish that they didn’t look like me as I were going to die.

Rosalie came over, and placed herself right next to me. I smiled to her. I know that the situation was bad, but I couldn’t stop myself. I like beautiful things, and Rose is defiantly beautiful. Sometimes I wished that I was allowed to just sit and look at her. Look at every single little part of her beautiful face. 

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