Parachute ~Twilight~*English*

This is my story for the danish Twilight competition, so I would be totally happy, if you would throw a comment, a like or maybe add on fav. list....
This is a continuation from where the books end.
Bella and Edward have to leave their home, because a new vampire clan from England is coming. They want Renesmee.
I hope that you enjoy reading my story. //LalalaLaura....xD.


4. So where are we going?

The last 24 hours have been hectic. Everyone has had a lot of stuff to do. Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett have been planning were we have to go. I have been kind of bored, because no one had time to play with me, so the most of the time have I been with them. I like the maps a lot.

Everyone is also stressed. Jake was here earlier, but leaved again after a few minutes. I asked him about he would bring me to the woods, so we could climb in trees and jump from branch to branch. He has never been like this before. He didn't answer. He just hugged me, and leaved.

Rosalie and Esme have also been busy. They have packed all the stuff we need, when we have to travel. Carlisle have decided that it will be most safety for us, to travel by food, and hunt in the forest. When we travel like that instead of with plain, do we not have to make fake ID for me again, because the one mommy make for me when the Volturies came, can’t I use anymore. I've grown too fast.

Dad and Jake have been very upset with each other. They wouldn’t tell me what it was about, but I could hear them, from my room, when they thought that I sleep. Jake wants to come with us. He wants to be by my side, and protect me. That wasn’t clever said, because dad became very angry with him. He started to yell, and called Jacob all kinds of bad things. Until my mom came and hushed at him. She reminded him that I was trying to sleep.


They ended up deciding that Jake could come with us. There were 2 reasons that decided the final answer. The first one was that if Jacob was there too would there be more protections of me. The second reason was that Jake had imprinted on me. I didn’t really get that part, mostly because I don’t know what imprinted means and because I were really tired and slept through a lot of their conversation.


Right now am I sitting in the white couch in my grandfather Carlisle and grandmother Esme’s living room. I like their home a lot. The big glass wall, all the rooms up stairs and my daddy’s grand piano, in the middle of the living room. Of the rooms up stairs I like my aunt Alice’s the most, because she have so much clothes and I love when we pretend that we are models, and she take a lot of pictures of me, and we change my clothes and take new pictures, where I’m doing something different.

It was kind of boring to just sit there. I stand up, and walked the short way over to the table where Jasper and Emmett are sitting and looking at the big maps. I placed myself next to Emmett and waited. When he realized that I was there, he took me up, and placed me on his knees. I looked at the big maps and was wondering where we were going. I turned my body a little so I had my front against Emmett and laid my skinny hand on his cheek. He smiled at me, and waited for me to say what I wanted to say on my own way.


“So where a we going?” I asked and showed him the faces of myself, Jake, mom and dad. I hoped that he understood what I meant. He look where serious at me and answered; “We don’t know yet. Before we can decide which of the places we have in our thought you can go, do Alice need to see which way they are coming. Also so they don’t notes that you are going away from home.” He looked at me and continued; “That is why you have to be a good girl, little Nessie. Do you understand that?” I smiled, just a little sad and nodded. He smiled a half happy- half sad smile.

Jasper moved the map there were laid on the top, so a map over the whole world came to sight. I looked curious at the new map that he had laid on the top. He saw that I was interested, and said with his beautiful singing voice:” Do you want to know, where you might is going Nessie?” I nodded again, so he continued while he where pointing at the different places that he was talking about.

“You see this island? It’s named Esme” I couldn’t stop myself and broke out by saying;” Like grandmother!” They laughed at me, both of them, and I didn’t think it was that funny, so I punched Emmett on the shoulder like Jacob had learned me, but it didn’t really work. They just both stopped laughing and look at me like I was a werewolf.  Which is a bad thing if you are a vampire. My uncles Jasper and Emmett had many times told me that the werewolves are bad people, which I should keep a great distance to.


For many hours did I look at the maps with Jasper and Emmett. They told me about the island Esme, that Carlisle had given to Esme in wedding present. They also told me that dad and mom was there after they were getting married. When I heard of the place I wanted to go there. I forced them to tell me stories about what they have seen there, and all of the memories from their trips to there. In a story about how Emmett had fought with a dolphin I fell asleep in Emmett’s strong arms.

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