Parachute ~Twilight~*English*

This is my story for the danish Twilight competition, so I would be totally happy, if you would throw a comment, a like or maybe add on fav. list....
This is a continuation from where the books end.
Bella and Edward have to leave their home, because a new vampire clan from England is coming. They want Renesmee.
I hope that you enjoy reading my story. //LalalaLaura....xD.


5. Saying goodbye.


“Renesmee… Darling, wake up” someone were trying to wake me up. It was ignoring. I had this cute dream. I turned around, and made a growling sound. I would not wake up now. My dream was so good. It didn’t help. The person who tried to wake me up, just lift me up in its arms and started to walk with me.

My eyes slipped slowly up, and I notes who there were caring me. Leah Clearwater. That’s kind of strange. She doesn’t like my family, and she defiantly don’t like me. I looked at her a bit shocked. She kept walking, like if she hasn’t discovered that I were a wake and laid and looked up on her tired and damaged face. She had been living in the forest in Jakes pack, since the scary persons in the black cloaks leaved us.

Suddenly she looked down at me, and had a face saying; “that kid is looking weird at me”. Maybe is can that explain the words there came out of her mouth; “What?! Why are you staring at me?” That was awkward. I were very shy, and with a little voice, that I wasn’t sure that she heard it I whispered; “You’re beautiful, Leah” She didn’t reply anything back to that answer, but I think that I might saw just a little smile in the corner of her lips.


When she had carried me to Granddad and Grandma’s place, she laid me in Jacobs’s arms. I was happy, because I love when Jake is there. I always feel it like there is missing something when he isn’t there. He smiled at me and said good morning. He told me that today was we going to travel. Alice had seen which way the vampires from England would take. He told me that we were going to the island Esme, and I were happy.

 I was really looking forward to see it. I wanted to feel it on my own body. I wanted to taste the fresh air on the beach, near the water. I wanted to see all the colors that Jasper and Emmett told me about. I wanted to swim with dolphins, clips in palms, and try everything else there.


The hardest thing that day was to say goodbye to my family, and Jacobs pack, were there also. I love all of them. I asked dad about we would came back to them ever again. He said that we of course would, but that we have to stay on the island Esme, for some times, until the English people who want’s me is gone.


When we were saying goodbye were Leah and Seth standing together and crying. I think that they really is going to miss Jake, now when we are gone. I would also miss them. Everyone else in my family looked were sad. They all hugged mom and dad, and they came over to me and kissed me on the cheek. I laid my hand on every single of their cheeks. I showed them all the faces that is were going to miss. I showed them me climbing in palms. I showed them all of us and Seth and Leah on the island Esme. I think that it helped some of them, that I showed them all those things, because they all smiled after. 


Emmett held me against his strong body for a long hug. When he had hugged me, he placed me on the bag of Jacob. He was in wolf shape, and had his clothes tied to his leg with a leather band. On my bag was I carrying a bag pack, with some clothes, my necklace I got from mom and daddy in Christmas present last year, and a book. It was sad and in the same way a tragedy that we had to leave them. 

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