Parachute ~Twilight~*English*

This is my story for the danish Twilight competition, so I would be totally happy, if you would throw a comment, a like or maybe add on fav. list....
This is a continuation from where the books end.
Bella and Edward have to leave their home, because a new vampire clan from England is coming. They want Renesmee.
I hope that you enjoy reading my story. //LalalaLaura....xD.


2. A new beginning

The sun light is shining into my room and it’s annoying. I turn around so my face is against the wall. I like to do that. My wall is cold. Suddenly a sound catches my attention. Laughter. A smile appears on my face. I can hear them. My mom and dad. They are happy. They laugh. I lay as quiet as I can, so I can listen to their laughter. 

My door slides up and my mom walks in. Her red eyes shine down towards mine. Behind her my dad is standing in the door. He looks at her and smiles, while he says: "Bella-darling, come on. Renesmee aren't ready to get up already. Let her sleep". I don't think that he have seen that I’m already awake. Then I begin to feel afraid that they will leave. I get so scared that I with my little girly voice say: "No! I'm awake! I'm awake!" He laughs. He tricked me. 

He walks in and I stand up in my bed, waiting for him to take me up in his arms. He does. I lean against him. I like the cold. He is even colder than my wall. 

With me in his arms, he walks towards my mom. She smiles. I stand up in his arms, and take the chance. I jump a distance of about 2 meters. It’s wasn't as hard as I thought. But of course is it not really difficult, when you are a half vampire. I’m a half human-half vampire girl. There aren't many others of my kind.


The only other I have met is Nahuel. He is from The Amazon Jungle and lives with his mother’s sister. His father is a real vampire. He made his mother pregnant with him. When he was ready to be born, he ate his way out of the stomach. His mother died, and when he came out he found his aunt sitting beside her, crying. When she took him up, he bit her, and turned her into a vampire too. He also has some half-sisters, but they can’t turn humens into vampires. 

My mother runs with me in her arms and my dad by our side. This is a perfect moment I think. The only thing that is missing is my best friend Jake. He is like a brother to me. I do not know what Jacob is. I know that my family are vampires. He is not. I know that I’m a half vampire- Half human. He is not. He is warm, and strong, and has a heart which is beating. I know that he isn't a human though.


I can hear him. He runs in the forest to our left us. I smile. The game is on. When he gets close enough I will jump down and run after him. I turn to my right, when disturbed by a sound - the sound of my father’s laughter. I gently lay my hand on my mother’s cheek and telepathicly ask her why he's laughing. "I don't know, honey" she answers. I look at him and begin to feel irritated with me not knowing why he's laughing. He looks back at me and answers "I just laughed because of your thought of attacking Jacob." I jump over in his arms and cover his mouth with my hand, as quick as I could. “Sssssh!” I whined. Because I was so concentrated in finding out why he laughed, I didn't hear that Jake had come and was now standing right next to my mom.  



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