He is my Dream!


4. Staying with Harry.

His flat is beautiful. The cream walls, blue carpet and a Jacuzzi  "This place is awesome!" I gasped, causing him to chuckle.  He placed me on his bed and he had a one direction quilt cover.I looked in Harry's direction and i stopped dead. There he stood with no shirt on. "Okay, Paris stop staring! You look like a creep!" He is so perfect. "STOP IT TURN AWAY!"

"Like what you see, eh? Harry teased, while i threw a pillow at him. "whatever you say, Styles." I laughed. He walked over to me carrying wet cloths."Lets clean you up, okay?" He smiled. He carefully wiped away all the blood.

He lead me to the living area and sat me down on the couch. He got a big purple fuzzy blanket, and covered us in it. He put his arm around me after a while i started to fall asleep when i heard the bang of the front door opening, which scared me to death.

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