He is my Dream!


2. I wish i was Dead...

I crept around on the creaking floorboards, until I saw him. A beer in one hand and a fist in the other. I tried to keep my tears in and stay strong.

"Where were you?" He growled, getting closer to me. "I was out." I answered, taking a step back. "I thought we had an agreement that you come home right after school." He hissed, as his cold hand slapped my pale cheek.

"I'm sorry, It wont happen again!" I shrieked, before i fell to the ground from him kicking me behind the leg. I finally let tears spill from my eyes, as she smirked evilly at me.

"You are such a coward, Just like your mother." He chuckled, anger boiling inside of me. "She was not a coward! YOU are the coward! Taking your problems out on your own freaking daughter!" I yelled, getting back on my feet. He grabbed my neck, his breath smelling of beer.

"Don't you dare, EVER talk to me like that! Do you hear me!? He screams, slamming me against the wall.

I slide to the ground slowly before he kicks me in the head, making it throb pain. Blood comes dripping out of my nose as he angrily walks up into his room. I look carefully at myself, a bruise on my leg and side of my head, blood dried on my face and shirt, and a few small cuts on my forehead. Tears keep coming out of my eyes. I reach into my pocket and pull out the phone number that i really need to call.

I quietly open the front door and quickly slip out of the door. I ran, as fast as i could, until i reached the  the bench by the gas station. Then i decided to call harry, the phone rang until harry answered.


"Hey. Its Paris." I whispered. 

"Oh, Hi! What's wrong? You seem startled and upset, he sounded concerned.

"Could you come to me please? I'm at the gas station.

"Sweetie, why are you at the gas station?"

"My father..he..." I started crying.

"I'm on my way." he said hanging up the phone.

I curled up on the bench waiting for Harry. Believe me i wish I was Dead.

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