The Pizza Girls

Melisa And Kathleen Smith are sisters they just turned 18 last month on July. Mel and Kath works at a pizza shop, one night they got a call saying that they need to deliver 5 pizzas. They arrived at the apartment and pressed on the doorbell puffy haired guy opened the door they noticed that his some guy from a band OMG its Harry Styles from One Direction. read out to find out more pls tell me wjhat i need to improove on hotel 15 thanks


2. OMG!

I woke up of Mel screaming in the bathroom I jumped out of my bead and grabbed the baseball bat at the corner of the room I tiptoed to the bathroom and peeked on Mel. As I slowly put the bat down I asked Mel
"What is going?!"
"I have a pimple!!" Mel replies
"geesh you woke me up just because you have a freakin' pimple?"
"awwwww is sleeping beauty up" she teased
"shut up. Here wash your face" I said as I passed her my face washer and went into the walk in wardrobe and got my uniform. After Mel and I got dressed we went downstairs and ate breakfast.
"come on lazy head it's your time to drive" I shouted as I got the keys and throwed it at her where she was standing and eating toast.
"k chill" she replied.

That evening the store got a call saying that we have to deliver five pizzas at a hotel. Mel and I got the five pizzas and drove to the place. The puffy haired guy opened the door and said
"hi are these our pizzas?" we just stood there with our mouths open like idiots.
"I guess y'know me?" we were about to scream but he pulled us into their apartment.

Mel and I just sat there with our mouths open because they're top was off. We followed there abs where ever they go.
"so" Niall broke the awkwardness
"hi" we both sighed they just waved and kept on eating their on boxes of pizza. Loius' pizza has loads of carrots, Harry, Liam and Niall had pepperoni and Zayn had margarita.
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