The Pizza Girls

Melisa And Kathleen Smith are sisters they just turned 18 last month on July. Mel and Kath works at a pizza shop, one night they got a call saying that they need to deliver 5 pizzas. They arrived at the apartment and pressed on the doorbell puffy haired guy opened the door they noticed that his some guy from a band OMG its Harry Styles from One Direction. read out to find out more pls tell me wjhat i need to improove on hotel 15 thanks


1. Intro

Kathleen's P.O.V


Hi my name is Kathleen my sister and i just turned eighteen last month on july, we work as pizza deliverer's.

One night me and my sister Melisa went to go on a delivery as we went in the car Melisa hoped that it's not some old guy again. i drove to the place and dropped the pizza off.The lady paid us money and we went home because we don't do overtimes on Mondays. 

"you know what would be cool?" I announced

"what?" replied Mel as she leans on her bead and cuddle her pillow.

"us delivering pizza at a famous person's house" i yawned

"I know right" Mel replied as we went off to sleep and work again tomorrow. 

The same thing happened again and again from Tuesday to sunday we were exhauseted I hope that tomorrow will be a good day as i brushed my hair straight long  brown hair and went off to sleep

"goodnight sis " I yawned 

"goodnight" melisa replied and went off to sleep

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