So Easy To Love You

Abigale has been best friends with Harry Styles since she could remember. After Harry goes to The X Factor and gets put in a band they come back to stay in London with Abigale and her best friends Mollee and Rylee for 6 months. Will there be some feelings stirring up?


5. I Dont Mind

Mollee's P.O.V.

     "Ugh, I hate you,"Abigale screams into her phone as I walk into our room. She ends the call with that and flings her phone across her neatly made bed. Her hair falls over her face as she sits on the edge of her mattress and lets out a big sigh. Probably Dan again, I think to myself as I slowly walk towards her.
     "Hey," I slowly approach, knowing she'll explode if I make one wrong move. "Are you okay? Do you wanna talk about it?"
She shakes her head and stands up, putting her long hair in a messy bun as she always did. We walk out the door and quietly take our seats in the living room. Louis invited Eleanor to watch a movie with us and they were already cuddling together on one of the couches with a blanket. It was one of the most adorable things I've seen and I tried not to let a stray awww out. Abigale sat next to Harry and I saw him trying to get something out of her but she just shrugged him off. I was about to sit next to her when Zayn stole my seat.
     "Hey! I was gon sit there," I glared at him.
     "Well, you should have acted faster," he replies simply. Abigale smiles for a split second before her face turns back to sour. A small funny comment would never change her mood after a fight. I slumped down next to Zayn and he pulled me into a side hug. I missed hanging out with him like we did when we were kids and I was happy to have him back. Niall casually sits a seat down from me and smiles at me with those marvelous blue eyes which causes me to blush, feeling my heart beat faster and my stomach flip. I cant deny that my feelings for Niall grew as I actually got to know him. He was so sweet and caring, perfect boyfriend material. Every time I looked at him, all I could remember was the taste of his lips on mine. Of course, it was just a in-the-heat-of-the-moment type of thing but it felt so right. Rylee interrupted my thoughts by jumping onto the couch, filling up the space between Niall and I. To admit, I was bummed out a little-okay a lot- but I did my best to hide it.
     "Whats up," Rylee smiled at both of us.
     "Oh, Rylee," I chuckle and Niall joins in.
     "What movie are we watching," I heard Abigale ask softly. You can definitely tell she's cooled down a little but she's the one to keep a grudge.
     "Chucky," Louis yells across the room. I'm took by surprise that out of all the movies they could have chose, they picked Chucky.
     "Uhh...ummm...O-okay," Abigale stutters, her voice trembling. I had completely how terrified Abigale was of horror movies. She always told me of the times when she was younger, Harry and Dan would watch horror movies and she would join them, despite how terrified she was. She wanted to spend time with them and if it meant watching a scary movie, she would. She would get so paranoid and wouldn't sleep. I look over at her and I see her fidgeting around like she always does when shes nervous.
     We dim the light and press play. It being an original horror movie, it had is basic bad guy in it, which in this case is an old china doll that is had possessed and is killing people. The first time the doll came to life I got a glimpse of Abigale's reaction. She shut her eyes, grabbed the blanket she shared with Zayn and Harry and put it up to her face. Of course she wouldn't forget to cover her ears. I try not to laugh at he because i can tell shes horrified. She peeks her eyes out from behind the blanket and pulls it down since the scary part is somewhat gone. Her knuckles started to turn white from her tight grip on the edge of the blanket.
     "Are you okay, babe," I can barely hear Zayn softly whisper to her. She shakes her head no with a face that said why did i agree to this?
     "I-I-I h-hate horror m-movies," she replies  trebling terribly.
      "I'm right here. Nothing bad will happen to you when I'm around," he reassures her with a smile and takes her hand. She gives him a weak smile and they look back at the screen. I feel a soft tug on my hair and I look to my left to see Niall's hand near my head, his fingers playing with my dark brown hair. He sees me notice and apologizes, pulling his had away from my hair and I see him blush.
     "No, it's fine," I whisper to him. "I don't mind." He smiles a me again, that adorable smile and my heart melts. He goes back to playing with my hair and Rylee gives me a funny look. What? I mouth. He likes you, she smiles and winks as she turns back to the movie. I roll my eyes at her trying not to show any sign of admiration. I look over at Louis and Eleanor. Louis has her cuddled up in his arms her face buried in his chest whenever she gets scared. It so adorable. Liam is silently watching and once in a while shutting his eyes which makes me smile. Harry seems in his own world; partially watching and partially thinking. Abigale jumps terrified into Zayn's arms without knowing and he holds her tight. I flinch and Eleanor has her face buried in Louis chest again. I see him rub her back and whisper to her that everything's fine, that its just a movie.
     The rest of the movie basically went the same way. Zayn never let go of Abigale and she didn't seem like she minded, she just needs to have strong arms around her to feel safe. Niall played with my hair the whole time which made my cheeks turn a really light shade of pink. By the time the movie ended, it was too late for Eleanor to leave so she would be staying here with Louis tonight. She seemed very happy to have her boyfriend sleeping next to her tonight, keeping her safe. Everyone filed back to their rooms to go to sleep.

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