So Easy To Love You

Abigale has been best friends with Harry Styles since she could remember. After Harry goes to The X Factor and gets put in a band they come back to stay in London with Abigale and her best friends Mollee and Rylee for 6 months. Will there be some feelings stirring up?


2. Face Your Fears

                         Abigale's P.O.V.
    The Next Day

      It was 11 a.m. when Harry and the boys burst into our room. They made the most obnoxious noises trying to wake us up. Liam started to jump from bed to bed, screaming at us to get up and make them breakfast. I took my pillow and threw it at them. "MAKE YOUR OWN FUCKING BREAKFAST, YOU CUNTS!" They fell silent. "Jesus," I breathe under my breath. Niall and Zayn start cracking up to my answer and I see Harry face-palm. He hates it when I swear, but i just cant help it. Mollee is already up and out of the room. She got her clothes and ran to the bathroom. A moment later i heard her shriek. 

"What was that," Niall ask with a worried look on his face. He seem to like Mollee a lot, though he doesn't know she has a huge crush on him. 

"That's just Mollee," I answer him.

"She's trying really hard not to fan girl around us," Zayn pointed out. For a moment, I forgot that they were best friends like me and Harry.

"Okay. Since everyone's up now, are you gonna make us breakfast," Harry asks me with a huge smile.


"What? But there's no way you'll go back to sleep," he made his puppy face that he knew i wouldn't be able to say no to.

"Fine." I got out of bed and they all cheered. "Now get out of my room, i gotta change." They all piled out of the room and I put on the sweats i wore yesterday. Before I headed to the kitchen, I went to go check on Mollee but someone had beat me to it. As i walked up to the bathroom door i could hear her talking with someone. 

"I work at a local coffee shop at the theme park Abigale works at. That's actually kinda how we met," she says softly behind the door.

"That's actually really fascinating," I hear someone say. He has the most adorable Irish accent, so you can tell it's Niall. I smile to myself and head towards the kitchen where i find the rest of the boys already sitting at the table, goofing around.

     After I made the boys my famous (not really) home made pancakes, we sat down and started to eat. They seemed to enjoy themselves, but then Zayn made a weird face.

"Where's Niall and Mollee?"

Just as he said that, the two walked into the kitchen, laughing. We all stared at them and they fell silent.

"Niall and Mollee, sitting in a tree," Louis started to sing.

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G," the rest of s chime in. "First comes love then comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage!" Mollee's face turns a deep red. Niall punched Louis in the arm and smiled shyly at her. I smile at myself. I knew something was going on between them.

"So whats our plans for today," Liam asks us.

"Um... How about the Amusement Park," Mollee suggests. Mollee and I have free passes for life to get in the amusement park, since we both work there.

"Sounds fun," they all agreed. We went to get ready.


     "Can I drive, please?"

Harry had been begging me ever since we decided to take the car instead of the bus and it was getting annoying. 

"Just give him the goddamn keys already," Lou groans.



I rolled my eyes as i walked to the passenger side. We all got in and Harry drove away from the driveway.


                                                         ~At the Amusement Park~

     As we walk through the gates of the amusement park, I see the boys' faces light up. Harry turns to me as he sees the Pirate Ship ride. Harry, My twin brother Stan and I use to always go on that ride when we were kids. We exchange looks and run towards the ride to wait in line. The others tag along and me and Harry are cracking up at the old jokes we made when we were young. When we got to the front of the line, I squeal with excitement. 

     As our tradition, me and Harry ran to the back of the pirate ship. Harry was on my left and Zayn, having nowhere else to sit, sat to my right. A huge smile was plastered on my face as the ride started. Zayn looks at me and smiles shyly at the ground which makes my heart melt. He's so cute when he's shy, and of course, he was my favorite of the guys (other than Harry, but that's because he's my best friend). We enjoyed the ride and just for that moment, i felt like i was 6 years old again, just having fun with Harry and Stan.

"Well that was fun," Niall says as we got off the ride. I still felt giddy from the feeling of almost going upside down.

"What now," Zayn asks.

"We should split up into three groups," Mollee answers."Haz, you've been here before right?"


"You and Lou can be a group," the boys smile at each other." Me and Abbs can have one of you guys, and one of the groups are gonna have three people." We let the boys pick who they wanted to go with and Niall went with Mollee. Liam and Zayn share a look that i cant read but in the end, I'm paired with Zayn and Liam is with Harry and Louis. Great, I think. Nothings better than spending a day with and amazingly hot guy.


"So, where do you wanna go," I ask Zayn.

"Uhh," He looks around to look at the rides and smiles. "How about the roller coaster?"

My eyes widen and my heartbeat quickens. I'm deathly afraid of roller coaster. It was never a problem when I was younger since Harry was too and Stan always got a headache if he went on.

"Uh... I-I," I started to stutter like I always do when I get nervous.

"Are you scared? Little Abigale is scared of roller coasters,"he started to tease.

"No. I just don't like them," I say, trying to defend myself.

"Come on. It'll be fun! I'll be there. You can even hold my hand if you want." He makes the cutest puppy face and I just cant say no to it.


"Yes," he jumps with excitement. The line is going slow so we decide to play 20 questions. Time goes by faster and before we know it, were at the front of the line. All of a sudden, my nervousness comes back.

"Zayn, I-I'm n-not sure if I w-want to g-go."

"I'll be right there. I wont let anything happen to you."

"Okay." I give him a weak smile and we sit in the seats. I'm already shaking by the time the ride starts. As soon as the carts start to move, my hand grabs Zayn's. He looks at me and smiles as we start to go up.


"That was amazing!"

"I told you! That wasn't as scary as you thought was it now?" I laugh as we walk towards the food court to grab something to bite. Right when we were going to find a place to sit we saw something... unexpected...

"Oh... My... Gods," I breathed out

"I cant believe my eyes," Zayn whispers.

There right behind a tree was Niall and Mollee, doing something I would have never thought they would on such short notice. You guessed it, they kissed. Next to me i felt Zayn tense up a bit. She was his best friend and I know he didn't want her to get hurt. But he calmed down again.

"Too cute," I giggle. We walk to a table and start to eat. But I can tell that Zayn's still thinking about Mollee and Niall.

"Come on, she'll be alright. It's Niall we're talking about," I explain. "I don't know him as well as you do but I know he's a sweet boy. He wont hurt her. If it was Hazza, i would understand."

He gives me a funny look, then looks back at the table." Yeah, I guess you're right."


It got dark and we were exhausted from all the walking so we met up with everyone else. Louis, Liam and Harry had won a huge basketball and Niall had won a big teddy bear for Mollee. I couldn't help myself from smiling like an idiot when they came. We all got in the car and Harry drove us back to the flat. It had started to rain when we got home. We were so tired that we decided to go to sleep early tonight.

     Just as i was going to turn off the lights, i heard the doorbell ring. I groaned and hurried to the door. Outside in the summer rain crying with her bags was Rylee Lynn Evans.

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