So Easy To Love You

Abigale has been best friends with Harry Styles since she could remember. After Harry goes to The X Factor and gets put in a band they come back to stay in London with Abigale and her best friends Mollee and Rylee for 6 months. Will there be some feelings stirring up?


6. Epic Fall

Abigale's P.O.V.         I wake up panting from a horrible dream. I panic and frantically search the wall for a light switch in the pitch black. My hand meets the switch and flip it on without hesitation. I scramble to my feet and quickly make my way down my steps. Somehow I miss the last step and roll onto my ankle causing a harsh pain shoot through my ankle. I want to scream, I want to cry but its 2a.m. and the house is still asleep. I squirm to my feet, or my foot, and hop out the door. Warm, salty tears rush down my face as I find my way to the living room. I don't dare look at my ankle, afraid to find it bent in an unnatural way. To my surprise, Rylee walks out the kitchen with glass of water in her hand. It seems that I've taken her by shock too, because her mouth drops and her sleepy eyes widen.
        "Oh my- what happened to you," she sets down her water and rushes over to help me to the couch.
I take a shaky breath in. "I fell. I-I cant move my ankle. Ry, please take me to the hospital." I start sobbing, no able to hold in the pain. I hurt like a bitch and my left leg was practically useless, which was probably the most annoying thing.
        "Of course! C'mon, lemme help you to the car."
        We walk out the door and Rylee helps me into the passenger seat.
        "Its okay mate. You're gonna be fine," She repeated to me as I let the tears fall freely. "Look, we're here." We get out of the car and make our way to the E.R. ~~~~         "How do you feel now," Rylee asks me as we walk back to the car. The doctor said I had broken my ankle and put my left foot in a boot. I would have to be like this for at least a month, month and a half.
        "Better, I guess," I shrug. "Thanks... For bringing me."
She smiles. "No problem. That's what best friends are for, right?" I chuckle at her comment.
        "I'm sorry."
I look at her confused. "For what?"
        "I'm sorry, wasn't there for you and Mollee. I was just so absorbed into my relationship with Flynn, and I thought we'd be together forever and-" she breaks down againg
        "No, no. Don't be sorry. It's not your fault," I pull her in to a tight hug. "He's the one who fooled you, played his tricks on you. All that really matters is that you're her with us now."
        She laughs. "Thanks, Abi. You always know what to say, don't you?" I shrug and smile and we climb into the car. ~~~~         Quietly, we walk back in the house. My big heavy boot makes a loud THUMP noise as I walk back to my room. Rylee head off to her room and I made my way up the steps to my bed.
        "Where the hell did you go," I hear Mollee growl at me from her bed. She not much of a morning person. I wave my hands in a circular motion and say "You didn't see anything," reenacting the bit from the movie Madagascar. She rolls her eyes at me and falls back to sleep instantly.
        The time is still too early to do anything loud so I grab my favorite book-That Summer-of the shelf near my bead and plug my headphones into my phone. I extend and lift my left leg up and put a pillow under it to keep it somewhat elevated like the doctor told me to. I open my book and get lost in the words. ~~~~

        I see the lights go on from my peripheral vision and look up from my book. Mollee walks towards the bathroom with her clothes for today. I turn off the music on my phone and check the time: 9a.m. I look out the window, wondering why it was still so dark out and find that its raining. I smile to myself; I love rainy weather. I start to get up when I hear someone say,"How long have you been up?" I look up to find Niall leaning in the doorway. I smile at him. "Two o'clock in the morning."
"Thats really early."
"Yeah, it is, isnt it?"
"Have you seen Mollee yet," he asks blushing a little bit. I bite my lip while trying not to smile. It was obvious that they liked each other, and it was too cute to watch them try to hide it.
"She just went to take a shower, I'm sure she'll be out in a bit," I smile back at him and slowly make my way down the steps. Niall rushes over to help me down. "No, I can get down."
"What happened?"
"I broke my ankle last night..."
"That wasn't there when we watched the movie," he pointed at my boot. I chuckle,"I broke it when I woke up."
"Yeah... Is anyone else up, or?"
"Yeah, Harry's downstairs making some pancakes." I smile. "Well, I think Mollee will be out in a minute," I say slowly. "I'll give you two some privacy." I wink at him and leave with that as I limp downstairs to the kitchen.
        The smell is overwhelming and heavenly and you can smell it all the way from outside. "Holy shit, Haz, are trying to make us fat," I exclaim as I walk in and see the pile of pancakes hes already made. We both laugh. "Good morning to you too, love." That cheeky little boy gives me a sweet smile. He notices the boot on my foot. "What happened to you foot?" He walks to the table and pulls out two chairs for me: one for my leg and the other for me.
"I, uh, fell."
"When? How?"
"Two, this morning. Missed the last step and fell hard,"I explain vaguely and wince remembering the pain.
"Why were you up at two in the morning," I hear Liam say as he entered the kitchen, followed by Zayn, Louis, and Rylee. "And are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. I, uh, had a bad dream and I couldn't fall back asleep," I reply sheepishly. Finally, Mollee and Niall walk in, giggling. Then Mollee notices the boot too.
"Oh my god are you okay," she rushes over.
"Yeah, I'm fine," I reply with a little bit of annoyance in my voice.
"She broke her ankle," Niall told her.
"Who took you to the doctor? None of us were up..."
"Rylee got up for a glass of water; she took me."
"Really? That's such a coincidence! That's amazing! Wow," Mollee smiles at Rylee. We all sit down at the table and Harry brings the pancakes to the table.
"Woah there, cowboy," Rylee stops him before he sits down. "You don't expect us to eat these pancakes plain, do you now? C'mon, lets find some sweets." A smile spreads across his face as he follows Rylee. "We'll be back in a minute," she calls back at us and they go off to the corner store.
"How long do you have to keep the boot on," Louis ask with a concerned look on his face.
"A month, month and a half at the least."
"Oh, so its not that bad."
"I guess."
I look to my right and notice Zayn was awfully quiet this morning. "Why are you so quiet this morning," I ask softly as the other continue in conversation.
"I don't want to see you hurt." He looks at the ground. My face turns pink and without thinking I grab his had and give it a tight squeeze.
"I'm fine," I say with a smile.

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