love at first sight

When two bestfriends Brooke and Jasmin go to the biggest event of there life they run into some very atractive lads, and what seems pere=fect might not end that way...


13. this is how much i love you

Brooke,s P.O.V

i was wondering if harry was going to do anything, it has been a couple days since we had our fight, it hasnt been that awkward because harry was always doing something so we barley talked and me and the girls and lads were either swimming, relaxing or eating. I herd my phone beep, i got a text from harry.

HARRY: i am going to show you how much i love you, please get dressed and be ready by 6:00 , lou is taking you there he knows whats happening, xx

i read the messaged, and checked the time it was already 5:30 i ran upstairs i wasnt sure what to wear so i just put on my black vans, black skinny jeans and my big grey hoodie, i put make up on and did my hair in a loose fishtale, i thought i looked good enough, it took me 30 minutes to get ready because my fishtale took a while. I went down stairs and lou said "you ready to go ,?" i nodded and we left.

We pulled up at a old drive in movie place, it was deserted except for a blanket an a note i got out and said seeya to lou. I went over to the mat and sat down, i picked up the note


this is how much i love you...

~ H xx

then i herd music i looked up at the screen and i saw a picture of me as a baby, i herd talking it was harry

"from this beautiful to this absaloutly stunning girl," then i picture of me and harry on our first date came up,then i herd harry talk some more

"for a while i was the luckiest guy in the planet earth to be able to call this beautiful girl mine, i remember the day we met, you were a fan and as soon as i saw you i wanted to call you mine, i made a big mistake on a night, that i regret and wish i would have never done it is the biggest regret of my life," when he metioned that i started to get upste. he coninued

"please brooke leanne sweeney, let me have my girl back, i will go to the ends of the earth for you, you are beautiful, cute, and well basiclly perfect, i dont think i can live with out you, you are my everything, if this doesnt work ill just keep trying to steal your heart, what i am saying is will you be my peanut butter to my jelly ?"  i was crying of happiness because while he was talking he had pictures of how happy me and him where then when he asked the be my butter a picture of  peanut butter and jelly sandwhich came up and i loved him, i was looking around trying to find where he was becuase the hole time he was talking i couldnt see him, i felt a tap on my shoulder i turned around to see harry, i stood up and said , " babe penut butter cant miss its jelly," he had a confused look so i said " for god sake styles, yes," i kissed him and he wraped his arms around my waist while we were kissing and i had my hands around his neck. We kissed for a while, untill we both had to break for breath.

Harry's P.O.V

i finially had my girl back, i grabed her hand and we sat down. "Brooke i love you and im so sorry about.." she cut me off and said "lets just forget about that okay..." i nodded and we started eating. We talked and laughed and all together it was a perfect date. The date finished, adn we drove back to the holiday house. It was 11:00 pm. Me and brooke walked up, we walked in and i grabed brooke close to me and whispered "i love you," she whispered back "i love you too," we started kissing, the kiss started to get more intense and well one thing led to another and we ended up well you know.....





can everyone please comment what you think, even hate i dont care please comment , thank you hope you like it <3

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