love at first sight

When two bestfriends Brooke and Jasmin go to the biggest event of there life they run into some very atractive lads, and what seems pere=fect might not end that way...


2. the concert

Brooke's P.OV

We arrived at the concert and showed the lady our backstage passes and she called for a body guard and she said “ follow him “ and gave us a smile. We started following him when we were walking backstage we bumbed into niall and harry. Harry and Niall both yelled  “HI” we laughed and said “ hey “ we had gotten comfortable round them, we started talking and I couldn’t help but notic harry was looking at me the whole time. I kept smiling at him until he grabed my wrist and pulled me away into a private room.

Harry’s P.O.V

I pulled brooke into a room, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do I just needed a quick time alone with her. She said “ harry, what are you doing ? “ while she was laughing. She had a cute laugh. I smiled and said “ I want to talk” and smiled I was about to ask her to go to dinner with me after the concert but I was intorupted by Paul “ he said harry you are on now, quick quick “ I frowned and said “ kay “ and I grabed brookes hand not wanting to let go, so I didn’t we walked hand in hand until we got to the side of the stage, I let go and whispered in her ear “ this is foryou “ kissed her on the cheek and ran

Brooke’s P.O.V

 What did he mean by ‘ this is for you ‘ then I herd the sound of What Makes You Beautiful came on, I thought aw he is the cutest I was just staring at him while he was performing and he winked at me. I thought was I falling in love with harry,  I mean yeah I have always loved him as a fan but I never actually thought I would love him like I am starting to, but I mean he hasn’t even asked me to be his girlfriend or kissed me.


Harry’s P.O.V

I ran of stage and brooke and jasmins hair was everywhere, im guessing from dancing to the music, I laughed and brooke said “ what ?” and laughed I whispered “come with me.” She looked at jasmin with a look to check if she could go she looked back as in yes. And I grabbed brooke’s  hand and we walked away from the group, again I took here to a private room hoping this time I wouldn’t get interrupted, I looked her in the eyes and she did it back “ brooke, I was wondering if you would like to go out to dinner with me, tonight ?” she nodded  and we looked in eachothers eyes and I started to lean in for a kiss, she didn’t hesitate.

Brookes P.O.V

Harry was looking into my eye’s and started leaning in, I only had known him gfor about 3 hours but I still didn’t pull back and befor I knew it his warm lips were pressed against mine,  it felt like our lips were made for eachother, the kiss was perfect,  until Lou walked in and we pulled away he said “wow, what was going on in here ?” I laughed.

Harry’s P.O.V

That was the best kiss, I never wanted it to stop. Then Lou came in and said  “wow, what was going on in here ?” Brooke laughed.  I was a but annoyed because he broke me and brookes kiss. I quickly asked what he wanted and he said “ we are going to order pizza to the apartment did you and brooke want any, I think niall invited Jasmin to stay for pizza ?” I was going to take brooke out but it was already 9:45, I looked at brooke to see if she wanted to and she nodded, I said “ yep.” I turned to face brooke again and asked “ah so did you wanna stay over for a bit and eat pizza and watch movies ?” she lookedand said “ sounds fun” I went to kiss her but she turned her head to the side so I got her cheek, and she laughed and said “ you get another kiss if oyu can catch me, “ as she said that she ran, I chased after her. I finally caught her, and gave her a kiss, we started kissing a bit more passionately until someone coughed sarcastically, we looked over to see Jasmin and Niall staring and Lou with his hips on his waist as to say well come on hurry up. We laughed and niall said “ guys come on im hungry”  and with that we left for the hotel, the girls took their car back and the lads, perrie and El came in the Red Bus.

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