love at first sight

When two bestfriends Brooke and Jasmin go to the biggest event of there life they run into some very atractive lads, and what seems pere=fect might not end that way...


10. really,... ?

Harry's P.O.V

i turned the swich off, i ran back next to her bed. the beeping noice started to slowen, i cried into her chest and whispered "come on brooke, wake up please i love you, please..." i herd a conitnues beep, that was never ending, i looked up and there was a straight line.

"noooo, PLEASE NO!" i whimpered and screamed. I felt a pat on my back i looked up and it was the docotr, "im sorry,.." he said. "no please brooke i love you pull through," i droped my head, on my girlfriends dead body, and then, i herd beep,.. beep,... beep,..... i looked up to the heart monitor and it started again. The docotr had left so zayn ran out the door to call the docotr. " brooke brooke come on babe, i love you open your eyes," i put my head on her heart and herd a light " i love you too," i loked at her face and her eyes where open, "BROOKE!!" i hugged her, and kissed her.

I didnt really care about anyone else Brooke is back. The docotr walked in at quick pace and saw brooke he said "how? this is a mirical." i just looked in brooke,s eyes. Then the doctor said "okay, we need to do dome test to make sure Brooke is okay, just wait in the waiting room we wont be long."

I didnt want to leave but Lou grabed my arm and we went to the waiting room,

"so hazza when are you going to tell her about Lydia ?" lou asked, " i dunno, when we are alone and she is better. We just had a normal converstion i was anixous to see Brooke again so i couldnt wait. it had been 30 minutes, when the doctor finally came out adn said, " brooke is fine and can leave when she wants," I jumped up adn hugged and thanked the doctor.

I than ran into where Brooke was i kissed her and said, "im so glad you are okay," i hugged her tight, adn she did the same, "so when can i leave ?" she questioned, " when ever you want i answered." she said, "now please i hate hospitals."i nodded and she got up and got dressed, adn i packed her stuff. We checked out and went home.

Brooke's P.O.V

Harry took me to his place, i was feeling alright besides the cuts, they hurt. Harry grabed my stuff. Harry was being to cute he was weighting on me hand and foot. There were screaming fans and they were giving me a head ache, i just wanted to get away from them.

Harry's P.O.V

i have a holiday house 20 minuitest away from here. i was thinking of taking Brooke there because, i wanted her to relax and have some peace and quiet, I said " Hey babe, did you wanna go to me and the lads holiday house to get away from the fans and have some alone time ?" She noddded and sadi "when ?" befor i could answer all the lads came in and said "We wanna go," i said they could then told brooke "tommorow, ill take you to your place to pack," she nodded and the lads wanted to come to her place.

We arrived at brooke and said hello to all her family. We went up stairs to pack, we were packing when we herd Brookes sister Hannah come in and say "hey guys lunch is ready if you are hungry ?"

Hannah's P.O.V

I was jelouse that brooke was friends and going out with the one direction lads. i really fancied Liam . I walked in and told them lunch is ready and Niall ran past me the rest followed including jasmin and brooke, when liam walked past i got butterflies i went into the kichen and saw liam in there, " i said hey, im hannah " and smiled he replyed "hey babe,"

Liams P.O.V

Hannah was beautiful, i had a sudden urge to kiss her, she came over next to me to grab a drink, she looked up at me and i smiled, i looked into her green eyes and she stared into mine, i started to leane into kiss her and she didnt hesitate, our lips finally touched.


Brooke's P.O.V

We were leaving to go to the holiday house, me and jasmin and my sister (she decided to come at last minute) were car pooling and the lads where going in a seperate car and meeting us there. Louis texted us the adress and we arrived. It was next to a lake. We walked in and chose rooms, me and harry, lou and zayn, liam and hannah and niall and jasmin. Me and Harry went to unpack, we had an on sweat.

Harry's P.O.V

i was going to tell brooke tonight about Lydia, when we had some alone time, we were unpacking i was going to tell Brooke now but i thought i would wait for a better time. Brooke was unpacking, i grabed her waist and spun her around to face me. Our faces were an inch away from eachothers faces and i said ïm really looking forward to these couple of weeks,"she smiled and sadi "me too,'i gave her a wink. I started to lean in for a kiss, and we issed for a while, i broke the kss with, i needa pee," and ran for the bathroom, i herd her laugh.

Brooke,s P.O.V

harry went to the toilet and while he was in there i herd his phone beep, he got a text...

'LYDIA: hey harry, its lydia you gave me your number befor we went to the hotel and you know what we did, but i would just like to apoligise if i caused trouble between you and your girlfriend but i did have a really good time ;) xx'


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