love at first sight

When two bestfriends Brooke and Jasmin go to the biggest event of there life they run into some very atractive lads, and what seems pere=fect might not end that way...


9. i loved her

Jasmin's P.O.V

i herd a crash i ran out to see what happened and i saw, Brooke, her car was smashed and she was lying on the ground with stuck in, and around her. I screaed " BROOOOOKE!!!!!!!!" i cant believe what i saw, i screamed out "MUM, MUM RING THE AMBULANCE, " my mum walked out the door adn saw me running towards Brooke's lifeless body, she rang them and they said they will be here in 5 minutes. i was screaming at Brooke to wake up, i had to walk away to throw up, this cant and shouldn't be happening. The ambulance arrived, my mum had already rang her parents they are meeting us at the hospital. Me and my mum are going in the back of the ambulance we arrived at the hospital, and they rushed her into the emergency room, the nurse said " you have to stay, sorry, they will try there hardest, bets wishes," i wanted to go so badly but the nurse directed me to the waiting room.

I herd a beeping noise and relised i had Brooke's phone

'HARRY: hey babe where are you we are here waiting, um i have somthing to tell you, xxx'

oh crap harry doesnt know......

Harry's P.O.V

we got off the plane i was expecting to see Brooke and jasmin, but they werent there, i thought i would text brooke. I texted her, i was feeling guilty because, while we were in Europe me and the lads went clubing, and i got really drunk, and i was talking to a girl named lydia, she had blue eyes and long dirty blond hair, 

anyway, i accidently slept with her, i told Lou and it was a big mistake and i dont want brooke to find out from anyone so when i take her out for dinner tonight im going to tell her, i really hope she forgives me. I told lydia, that it was a mistake and that i have a girlfriend and lydia slapped me and left.

Anyway we were waiting for brooke and jasmin when niall got a call, we herd

" hello,    oh hey babe missed you,   wait why are yuo crying whats wrong ?                                                     


WWHHHAAT (niall screamed) Okay stay calm we are on our way, " then he started crying and looked up at me, he looked like he was going to aint.

"OMG, niall whats wrong? what happened," he loked up at me with sad eyes and by now all the boys were surronding niall he quietly said " um harry, its brooke..."

what did he mean it was brooke WHAT happened ?

"NIALL what is wrong with brooke ?" i was worrying, they lads were aswell niall started to talk again, " she was driving to pick up jasmin, and well, um, she crashed and Jasmin sawe the crash and told me that brooke was lifeless on, the ground and she has been rushed to hospital, and she is in surgury and Jasmin sadi the doctor said, they dont know if she will make it , im sorry man," he patted my shoulder the other boys were in shock, i just fell to the ground in tears, this cant be happening i have to see her beautiful, green eyes and her smile and listen to her talk, I got up and ran to a cab the boys followed, we put our stuff in their and said "hospial, and put a foot on it, we will pay double if you get us there as fast as you can," i said in tears, he put a foot on it. i went on my phone i had a voicemail, from 7:30 this morning it was from Brooke i listened to it, " he babe i miss you, cant wait to see you, ( she made a kiss noice in the phone ) then laughed, call me back babe," she laughed at the end, it made me break down even more, i cryed into Zayns sholder. I couldnt handle this.

We arrived i hopped out of the cab and ran to the waiting room i saw Jasmin, she had dry tears on her face, she saw me and hugged me, and said " harry, im so sorry, but thye said they dont know if she will make, it they got ehr out of the surgury room she is in a comma, and the doctor put her on life support for 30days, and if she doesnt wake up, then we have to turn of her life support," i just fell on to my hands and knees and screamed " NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" i was breaking down, i looked up to jasmin and screamed "THIS CANT HAPPEN TO THE GIRL I LOVE, I LOVE , I FUCKING LOVE HER, NOOOO!!!"i herd the rest of the boys, they all herd and saw what happened, they had stopped in their footsteps, Niall ran and hugged me i pushed him of and ran to the nurses desk " what room is Brooke Sweeney in ?" i said to the nurse she looked on the computer and said, " room 13," I ran down the hall untill i founf room 13, i walked, in i stopped in my footsteps, to see brooke laying there. I herd the rest of the gang run behind me, i walked in slowly and sat at the couch next her bed and grabbed her hand, i saw she still had the promiss ring on, i just couldnt handle ths, i put my head on her adn just cryed, Lou came up and said "mate, everything will be fine,"

Fine, how could everything be fine, the girl i LOVE is laying in front of me nearly lifless, " fine, how is this fine, the girl i love is lying infront of me nearly liflesss!!" i said pree madly, lou, " stepped back and said " sorry," i dropped my head and relpyed "sorry mate, just upset," he came over and patted my back. I just put my head down and cryed.

Jasmin's P.O.V

Harry loves her and she is lifless, i dont know how he is feeling. it has been 23 days he hasnt left the hospital, at all, he slept there and we would bring him food all day, everyday, he would talk to her and just keep asking her ot wake up, or he would tell her he loves her. It is horrible she is my best friend. i love her and so does harry, me and him have grown close with this situation, we both dont think we can live without her. She had one week to wake up or me and harry would have to turn her, life support. Her parents visited everyday but only for a couple hours because they couldnt look at her.

Niall's P.O.V

My best friend, has been lying in a hospital bed nearly dead for 23 days, it was so much pain to look at her there and too see how upset, harry and jasmin where, harry was the worst. Eery night even though i never do iti would pray that harry and Brooke would be okay and that Brooke would wake, up except it wasnt looking good because Brooke only had a week to wake up, Harry has not left the hospital one in the last 23 days and i dont think he will.


Harry's P.O.V

Today we had to turn brookes life support off if she didnt wake up by 11:00 and it was already 10:50.

We all sat around her praying she would wake, up i was crying holding her hand, i couldnt keep it together in 10 minutes my life is not going to have any reason, life will suck. The clock stricked 11:00, the doctor walked in and said, " okay she hasnt woken up, so we have to turn life support off and if she is strong enougth she might pull through even while life support is off, so who is turning the machine off ?" we all looked around and i said " i will please," he nodded adn i walked up next to the machiene, i said i love you, and flicked of the swich..........

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