love at first sight

When two bestfriends Brooke and Jasmin go to the biggest event of there life they run into some very atractive lads, and what seems pere=fect might not end that way...


5. get to know everyone better

Louis P.O.V

Today i wanna get to know Brooke and Jasmin more, I have bearly got to talk to them even though its only been like 2 days, Hazza has all the time with brooke i mean they are already kissing and she stayed with us its been 2 days. Owell i guess they seem happy, but today i will try and get some time with the girls. Hazza and Brooke finally came down stairs, hand in hand of course. i said with a bit of sass " come on you too," they laughed and ran to the car, there were fans but i just wanted to get on the boat.

Jasmin P.O.V

im excited i might get to spend some time with niall today, we got close last night but we still barley know him and the rest of the lads.

We got to the boat and we all boarded, and Louis started driving we got to a pretty good part, the boys droped the ancor, i tho ocean was beautiful and clear, it felt like fiji. The lads hoped in the water except zayn because he is scared of the water, i knew that from all my fangirling with brooke, ah i cant believe that the boys i have all over my bed room walls are now my friends and i have made out with one of them. Me and brooke put our towels out and laid on them and zayn soon joined. We all got to chating zayn started it with " so girls, i see yous have been getting close to harry and niall pretty fast ?" and raised an eye brow. I half sat up and said i" i have barley talked to niall." Zayn laughed and said " thats why you and him were making out last night ?" i looked at him and sadi " i dunno we both were just sorta staring at eachother and then he lent in and i didnt hesitat and i layed down and put put my sunnies back on. Zayn laughed and sadi " i like you girls'" we both smiled and said thanks. Wow these boys were easy to get along with.

Louis P.O.V

we all hoped back on th ebost for food, i thought mabey we called all get to know eachother better if we played a game and ate, so i said " everyone lets play truth ad dare ?" brooke said " yeah sounds fun" niall still stuffing his mouth with food nodded and so did the others. we sat down in a circle and i shouted " IM ASKING FIRST, okay okay um brooke, truth or dare ?"

brooke said " dare'"

Brooke's P.O.V

 i was kinda scared when i said dare because who noes what is going on up in his head. He had a little think than his face lit up and he said " i dare you to jump in the water and scream out the thing you are thinking about right now !" crap, i wasnt actually thinking about the game i was thinking about harry and how much i like harry, everyone said "c'mon and dont lie " i smiled and walked out i took my cloths off so i was just in my bikini, i thought should i lie or yell the truth i thought the truth i went on the edge of the boat and yelled.....

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