love at first sight

When two bestfriends Brooke and Jasmin go to the biggest event of there life they run into some very atractive lads, and what seems pere=fect might not end that way...


8. events, good and bad

Brooke's P.O.V He pulled out a ring, and at first i thought he was proposing but then i relised it was a promis ring, it had a orange dimon with silver diamonds around it. I started crying of happiness, i had a big smile on my face and i said " yes," he smiled and put the ring on my finger and then we hugged, he put his arms around my waist and i put mine iover his shoulders and he hugged me tight. Then i relised what he said. HE HAD TO LEAVE FOR 2-3 MONTHS! " wait, harry you have to leave for 2-3 months we only just met like three days ago," i started to cry of sadness, We then let go of the hug and he looked me in the eye and said " remember we were only here for the concert, then a few more days, i never thought i would meet such an amazing girl, its only going to be a few moths. I was sad but i relised i have only been with him for a day and instead of waisting my time upset i should be making the most of the night. He hugged me and whispered "sorry," i said " dont worry about it'" he leand in and we started kissing, i didnt want the kiss to end, but then a slow song started to play, and harry pulled away and held his hand out, i giggled and took his hand, we started dancing ~AFTER THE DATE We got home and walked upstairs it was 1:00 and i think everyone went to bed, me and harry got changed except i didnt want to go in and wake Jasmin up, i had a shower at harry's and i relised i had no cloths, but then i saw one of hazzas shirts, i put the shirt on and un did the first three buttons, then i walked out adn harry looked up and put on a cheeky smile. I laughed, and walked over to his bed, he was shirtless, in his boxers. i went and layed down next to him. i could feel him starign at me so i turned around adn said quietly " im going to miss you, miss your cuddles and your kisses," He smiled and said " dont worry babe, we can call and text everyday, when i have free time, then paul said we can stay in your hometown for a month," I quickly pecked him on the cheek and said " dont ever forget me babe," he quietly replied "i wont," i layed my head on his bear chest and fell asleep. I woke up and checked the time, it was 8:30 harry had to be ready to leave in thrity minutes adn so did the rest of the lads. I tapped harry's nose and said "babe wake up. you have to get ready," he woke up and gave me a peck on the lips and sat up.I walked out of the room to wake up the rest of the lads.

I went into lou's room and jumped on hi and yelled "GET UP" and ran out then zayn, " get up lazy you gotta get ready to leave," he shook his head so messed his hair and ran, after i went to lia, i walked in and he said " morning, just getting read'" i smiled and walked out then went to niall's room but he wasnt there, i guessed he slept a me and jasmins apartment, i walked in and sure enough they were cuddled on the couch, i screamed " WAKE UP LOVE BIRDS," laughed, Jasmin through a pillow at me so i walked out. i went back into Harry's room and he was ready, so we decided to make everyone pancakes, we were making the batter when harry came and hugged me from the back, then i threw flour in his face, and he said "game on," soon after that the lads and jasmin came in and joned, then harrys phone rang "yep, okay, bye," harry put the phone down and said " lads and ladies we have to get to the airport," with that we all left.

Nialls P.O.V

We arrived at the airport, i still hadnt asked jasmin to be my girlfriend, i mean harry has already given brooke a promise ring, and they were going out. I thought it was no or never. We all got out of the limo and there were fan, i love our fans so we got some photos, signed some stuff and whatever they asked for, well most things. We went inside, our plane got called so we went to say our god buys, i hugged brooke and kissed her on the cheek, then i went to Jasmin to give her a hug we huged for a while, the i whispered in her ear " will you be my girlfriend?" and looked her in the face with puppy dog eyes, she hugged me again and said " YES!" i pulled her away and we kissed.

Harry's P.O.V

Brooke hugged all the lads and thye kissed her on the cheek, then she came up to me and kissed me and hugged me so tight, i didnt want to let go but Paul said " c'mon lads we will miss the flight." i let go of brooke and she started crying she stuttered out " gu..n.aa miss you'" she hugged me again and i whispered in her ear " we will talk and text and call every night dont worry, ill miss you too," i turned around and walked up with the lads.

Brooke's P.O.V

im really going to miss harry even though we have not even spent a week together, i think i love him, as i watched him walk away, i turned around to walk out when i got a text

'HARRY: turn around i have something i forgot for you, :)xx'

i turned around and he stood there smiling and blew me a kiss, i pretended to catch it and put it on my cheek, i blew him one aswell and he did the same back. I turned around and walked out.

Me and Jasmin got back to the hotel, and relised we had to go home, we paxked up and checked out, we went straight home to tell our parents what happened.

While we were driving i checked twitter i gained +1000 followers, and had so many notifications, i checked one that had alot of retweets and replies, i clicked it and it was a picture of me and Harry kissing at the airport before. I thought how did they ave this, that was about 5 hours ago. I read some relies and some where like:

( authors note: inappropriate language )

" fucking slut! @13brookesweeney, you should stay away from my husband to be!!!! :/


daym who is this hore ? :/ "

then i came across areply from harry

'@Harry_Styles: everyone stop hating on my beautiful girlfriend, she is amazing!' that was 3 seconds ago si i quickly replyed :@13brookesweeney: aw, @Harry_Styles thank you so much, you are too cute <3 xoxoxo


Brooke's P.O.V

i woke up and checked my phone, i had a text from all the boys

'NIALL: coming back todya, missed you and jasmin so much :) x

Brooke to niall: okay we missed you too we will pick you up from the airport.

ZAYN: get to see you today , missed you xo

LOUIS: missed cant wait to see you today my carrot princess

and finally one from harry , we have been skyping and texting for the wholetime he was gone

HARRY: so excited babe get to see you today, missed you so much :) xxx

Brooke toHarry : same ill meet oyu at the airport how far away are you from landing ? xxx

HARRY: we will be there soon we are landing at the airport 10 minutes away from your house babe :) xx "

i smilled and rang Jasmin to say i am on my way to pick her up to go get the lads.

I walked out the door and started driving , it was raining so the road was wet. I was driving at the speed limit, was only a couple hundred meters away from Jasmins, i was driving through an intersection when One Direction came on so  i looked down to turn up the music, and i looked back up and all i could see were two bright lights and then my life flashed through my mind......

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