love at first sight

When two bestfriends Brooke and Jasmin go to the biggest event of there life they run into some very atractive lads, and what seems pere=fect might not end that way...


7. dress shopping,

Brooke's P.O.V

 I assumed with the amount of money harry left he ment a nice classy dress, first me and jasmin went into Forever New, we looked at all the dresses and we found a few but, we decided to keep looking. We decided to take a break and get luch, We ate lunch and Jasmin said " what do you think harry wants you to buy a dress for ?" i replyed " i have no clue hopefully it will be alright," she said " Brooke, don't worry he wouldn't have give you money to buy a dress to do something bad to you" and she gave me a smile and added on" well lets get back shopping. We hopped up and walked around a bit longer until i stopped outside a shop window, as soon as i saw it i knew i wanted that dress. i said Jasmin ' i found it' and she looked up and her eyes widened, we ran in the dress shop and found the dress in my size i tried it on and i loved it. So i bougth it and it was $200 but i didnt think i could let harry pay so i payed half and we left

We got home and all the lads were gone aswell, so me and jasmin watched a movie in our apattment, then i got a text from harry

'HARRY: be ready by 6:00 wear your new dress :) xx

BROOKE: okay can you please tell me why ? <3

HARRY: no its a suprise.....'

it was already 5:00 so i started getting ready, Jasmin curled my hair not to much and then i did my make up, i put red lipstic on and mascara. I put my dress on, it was white with a cut out and it has three diamond strips ( this is what her dress looked like,r:0,s:20,i:156 )

i herd jasmins phone beep she looked at it and said " i have to go, good luck " i replied " okay seeya' thank you ill text you what happens" and she left. Then i herd a nock, i went and got it and it was harry i quickly turned to check the time and it was already 6:00. "You ready babe ?" i said " yep" ad i grabbed my purse and we left " so babe where are we going ?" " suprise " i said "come on we are going now " : you will find out babe' and harry kissed me on the cheek and we drove off

We arrived at where ever harry was taking me.He said " okay, "close your eyes" i closed my eyes and harry grabed my eyes me wlked for a good 200 meters then he sadi " sit down and keep you eyes close" i sat down and i herd him run away, i herd a loud noise " open your eyes" i opened my eyes and i was on the stage where me and harry met and there candles lite flower petals every where and then a little picnik and then i looked around for harry when i sudenly herd, Kiss you then harry and all the lads started singing to me, i laughed and smiled like a dork. He was so cute and after the song the lads left except harry. I ran up and hugged harry and kissed him on the lips and said 'how did you do this ?' He said " tooke me and the lads all day while you went and bought this beautiful dress'" i think i went red but i smiled.

We ate the food harry got us and talked. Then at the end of the night harry said " okay brooke, we have known eachother for 3 days, but i found out this morning that i have to leave tommorow morning for 2-3 months and im going ot miss you so much but so you dont forget me can  you promise me we will never stop talking and when i come back you will always be my girlfriend and even while im gone ?" he pulled out a ring.....


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