"He's trouble Tori, stay away from him"
Victoria Torres was warned multiple times to stay away from 'him', but she didn't listen.


1. Prologue`




My eyes never left from the rough blood dry hands, they were trembling with fear. My heart was slowly getting numb from the hurt. I could see the tears slip over my eyelids, and down my dirty face.

"You can trust us Victoria.The dark skin detective said.

I knew that was a lie, you can't trust anyone. 'And that's the truth, too bad I had to learn the hard way. I sniffed through my stuffed nose.

"Victoria, please talk to us, help us understand."

They'll never understand, nobody will. I couldn't tell anyway, he told me not to. But this silence is making my life hell. I lost my friends, my brother is laying in the hospital bed, my family distrust me, 'he' hates me, 'he' left me to defend for on my own. 

"Victoria." The woman concernly placed her warm hands on my cold dirty sweaty wet back, she made a circular motion to let me know she's there. This lump in my throat is hurting me, I need to tell. I want my life back. "Tori, please tell us." She pleaded. I looked up from my hands, my eyes laid on the reflection of the glass. My blue eyes were an ounce of pain, my tangled brown hair is a disaster, scratches of red scarred my face, my bottom lip was swollen like plum, my clothes are torn and stain with blood. I can't do this anymore.

So, maybe a deal can heal this. A sigh escaped from my lips, I swallowed leftover silva down my dry throat clearing that lump allowing my voice to be heard.

"It started, near the end of October." I started,




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