Summer of a life time

Miss popularity Kalie Aadams has everything she wants and thinks life can't get any bettter. One summer she goes on a trip to her dad's summer beach house in london. He also mentions that thier is a beach next to his owned by 5 boys. Once Kalie and her 4 friends arrive,things start to get pretty interresting. Will Kalie fall for one of the boys...or better yet 2?


11. Yes

Kalie's Pov: "Will you except this promise ring?" Zayn asked his eyes sparkling. I was shocked. I tried to say yes but nothing came out. I freaked out and ran away.

Zayn's Pov: I can't believe it. She ran away. Niall and Lou came running down the beach cheering. I stopped them. "Where's Kalie?" Niall asked . "She ran away and said nothing." I stated. Louis stood up and ran of to find her.

Kalie's Pov: I ran up the beach where I saw the boys go. There was a little house there. I walked up to it and leaned against the door and cried softly. I ruined my chance with Zayn. After a while, I heard footsteps. Louis popped up next to me and sat down. "Hey Lou." I cried. "What's wrong?" he asked. "I thought you loved Zayn." "I do but I ruined my chance with him. I wanted to say yes but I was so shocked and happy that I froze. Then I ran. Help Louis! I need to tell him yes but I don't know if he will listen." I poured out. It was okay. Louis was like a big brother to me. He stood up and took my hand pulling me up with him. We walked down the beach to see Niall comforting a crying Zayn. What have I done?!? I ran to Zayn and fell into his lap. "I'm so sorry Zayn! I was overwhelmed with happiness and surprise that I froze. I love you Zayn!!'' I told him. Lou and Niall left. Zayn looked down at me in his arms. "Yes Yes Yes a thousand times." I looked back at him. He smiled and kissed me deeply. We stared at the Ocean as I  thought of our amazayn future together. Married. Houses. Cars. Heck even Kids one day. "Zayn?'' I asked. ''Yea babe?" ''If we had kids what would you name them?'' Zayn smiled. "WHEN we have kids I want to name them Madelyn and Mason. Twins!'' I smiled drifting off to sleep thinking of what a good father Zayn would be.

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