Summer of a life time

Miss popularity Kalie Aadams has everything she wants and thinks life can't get any bettter. One summer she goes on a trip to her dad's summer beach house in london. He also mentions that thier is a beach next to his owned by 5 boys. Once Kalie and her 4 friends arrive,things start to get pretty interresting. Will Kalie fall for one of the boys...or better yet 2?


2. Next door nieghbors

We arrived in California after what seemed like days. Abby kept singing one direction songs and talking about Niall Horan this, Niall Horan that, "Omg Niall Horan is so amazayn (yes she actually said that) and sooo sweet. If only she knew. We walked to the car rental place right next to the airport and rented a dark blue Audi. We drove to the beach house. When Abby saw it, she immediately shut up her talking. "Oh My Gawd!!!!" she screamed. "It's beautiful!" We walked inside and took our bags up to our rooms. After eating a snack, we sat down and tried to think of something to do. "Lets go surfing!" Abby suggested. I agreed. We got our boards, (Mine was pink and white with a giant flower in the middle and it said surfer girl. Abby's was Blue and white with a sun in the middle and said surfer girl.) and headed outside to the almost private beach. Meaning we shared with the beach house next to us. I ran to the ocean and crashed into someone. "I'm sooo sorry!" the boy said. Wait. I'd recognize that accent anywhere. I slowly looked up a caught myself looking into the heart-breaking eyes of Niall Horan.

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