Summer of a life time

Miss popularity Kalie Aadams has everything she wants and thinks life can't get any bettter. One summer she goes on a trip to her dad's summer beach house in london. He also mentions that thier is a beach next to his owned by 5 boys. Once Kalie and her 4 friends arrive,things start to get pretty interresting. Will Kalie fall for one of the boys...or better yet 2?


9. Getting ready

Zayn's Pov: When I found out Abby cheated, I was destroyed. At first. Then as I held Kalie in my arms, I was glad. Maybe I had a chance with her. I got up and smiled at her before she ran downstairs. An idea occurred to me. I got dressed and ran into Niall's room for help. "Hey lad can you help me plan a date for Kalie?"

Niall's Pov: I looked up at Zayn. He looked so hopeful and as long as that jerk Liam wasn't dating Kalie, I was fine. I kinda moved on. "Sure Mate." I smiled at him. We sat down on my bed and Zayn told me his plan. It was brilliant. I pulled out my phone and called a friend. "Katelyn hey its Niall." I started. Zayn gave me a look at the mention of a girl. "Can you come her and help my mates girlfriend prepare for a date?" Again Zayn looked at me. "Her best friend recently lost her trust and she doesn't live here so yea." She agreed. I told her what kind of outfit Kalie had to be wearing. This was going to be amazing.

Kalie's Pov: All of a sudden a girl with golden brown hair burst into my room with about 30 different dresses, a bag of makeup and hair products,and a large garbage bag full of shoes. "Umm who are you not to be rude." I asked her. "Oh I'm Katelyn Niall's girlfriend. I have been told to help you get ready for a date with Zayn." My mouth dropped. Date? Zayn? Niall? girlfriend?!? She pulled me off my bed and into a huge room across the hall that was empty except for a mirror, bed and bathroom. She laughed at my very confused facial expression. Katelyn and I sat on the bed. We went through the dresses and finally decided on a light pink dress with a small black bow in the middle. Katelyn found silver wedges to go with it. She then pushed me into the shower and went back on the bed to play on her phone. When I came out, Katelyn did my makeup and we talked and laughed like we have known each other for years. After she finished my makeup and hair I got dressed and looked in the mirror. I was amazed. She made me look like a whole different person. I turned around and gave her a huge hug. We walked downstairs and Zayn was waiting. "Ready?" he asked. "More than ever."


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