Summer of a life time

Miss popularity Kalie Aadams has everything she wants and thinks life can't get any bettter. One summer she goes on a trip to her dad's summer beach house in london. He also mentions that thier is a beach next to his owned by 5 boys. Once Kalie and her 4 friends arrive,things start to get pretty interresting. Will Kalie fall for one of the boys...or better yet 2?


10. Date

As we walked to the car, I realized I had no idea where we were going. "Zayn where are we going?" I asked smiling. "Its a surprise!"he said really happy. We got in the car and drove away. We talked and talked until we pulled up to a small beach with a beautiful setting. It was covered in small white lights and there was a table for two in the middle. I turned to look at Zayn and he was already at my door waiting for me to get out. "Zayn did you do this?!?!" I asked him still shocked. "Yea"he said. We walked to the table and sat down. All of a sudden, two boys dressed as waiters came running down the beach. "We will be your waiters tonight!" said Louis. "He are your drink choices, Sprite, Sprite, oh and what was that other one Lou?" Niall said. "Sprite!" Louis clarified. "We will take the sprite than." Zayn said while we were both laughing like crazy. They back up the beach to who knows where. "Zayn you are the most romantic guy I have ever met!!" I exclaimed. He chuckled. "You haven't seen anything yet." Lou came back down, Niall nowhere to be seen, with our drinks and said; ''We will bring out your food in a minute." He signaled something to Zayn and ran off. Zayn stood up, took my hand, picked me up bridal style, and ran me down to the ocean edge. He looked me in the eyes and smiled kneeling down on one knee and taking out a small ring box. My eyes dropped out of my head. "Kalie, I have loved you since I met you, even with Abby, You've always been the one. I promise to never lie, cheat, or hurt you in any way, I promise to hold on to you and never let you go. I'm really lucky to have this chance to be with you tonight with a girl like you. You are beautiful, smart,talented,a good listener, can we add one more thing to that list and make you mine? Will you except this promise ring?" 

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