Summer of a life time

Miss popularity Kalie Aadams has everything she wants and thinks life can't get any bettter. One summer she goes on a trip to her dad's summer beach house in london. He also mentions that thier is a beach next to his owned by 5 boys. Once Kalie and her 4 friends arrive,things start to get pretty interresting. Will Kalie fall for one of the boys...or better yet 2?


8. Begging

Kalie's Pov: I woke up to find myself beside a sleeping Zayn. I laid there until her started to wake up. When he was fully awake, he looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back. I got up and walked downstairs and ran into Liam. I looked into his eyes and they were red  and swollen like he'd been crying. O well. I made my way past him and into the kitchen. I grabbed a bowl and started to make cereal. "Kalie" I heard him say. "Can you just listen for 5 minutes." I didn't want to but part of me still hoped that there was a good reason for what I saw. I took out my phone and pulled up a timer to show how serious I was. I turned and looked at him. "Go." I said pressing start. "Okay.Abby thought that she and Zayn where falling apart or something, so I tried to cheer her up while we were waiting for you so I made her laugh. And then she just lent forward and kissed me and I didn't know why or what was going through her mind and was shocked. When you came in I was still recovering. I tried to explain but you wouldn't let me. I'm so sorry Kalie. Please take me back."he ended. It was quiet and then the timer went off. I ignored it and looked at Liam right before I realized something."No Liam I won't. At least not soon." I said sadly. I loved Liam but the thing is,when I saw them kissing I noticed something. When Liam asked why, I told him,"Because you had your hands on her waist and in her hair. And you kissed back."                                                                                    

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