Rock Me - A Zarry one shot

Zayn and Harry fall in love in the summer hoildays but now summers ended and Zayn and Harry go back to school but they don't know each other go to the same school will they meet again or not


1. Why did I ever wanna let you go ?

Harry's POV 

I'm back at school after The Best summer of my life! I never wanted it to be over but now I'm back and I will never see him again. The 'him' I'm talking about is Zayn Malik. He is just perfect everything about him, his brown eyes that make you melt if you look into them his hair the way that he styles it the way he plays  the guitar and his voice is just the most amazayn thing in the world.I loved sitting on the beach signing along with him under the stars and looking into the sea. I miss all of that
  and we were both so in love that we forgot to ask each other for our numbers. I just want to spend one more day with him and my life will be complete. Anyway I have to get back to my maths lesson now and I am planing on telling Louis and Niall after maths ,at break, I just need someone to tell all THIS to. 

**** Break **** 

Louis POV 

I hate school the only thing good about it is I get to see my mates Harry and Niall. My hate of school to the side Harry texted me and told me he wanted to tell me something at break so now I'm waiting for him in the hall with Niall, I hope it's nothing serious like he's moving house so he has to change school because if he does I swear to god I will quickly take him and keep him in my room .... not forever just until I move house. 


Just then my phones goes off a bit too loud luckily no one is looking at me. It's Harry. I’ll answer it.

Haz where are you I'm waiting for you at the hall with Niall 

Sorry boobear just walk out and go to Paul the cleaners room both of you 

Its okay haz but can't you just come to the hall its effort to walk 

Boobear stop being lazy and just come its personal 

okay Haz! I'm coming  Love you 

Love you too boobear! 

I hang up and grab Niall and we walk up to Paul's room. We both look at each other scared of what Harry will say and then Niall pushes the door open. We see Harry in there looking at us with a scared face. " Louis and Niall shut the door " I push the door and lock it so no one can walk in on this.  " Okay ....." Harry says I just look at him so he can carry on. "Inthesummerholidaysimetthisguyandifellinlovewithhimhowheisstuckinmyheadandalliwanttodoishaveonemoredaywithhim!" he says in one breathe I just smile " Awwww Harry's in loveeee !" Niall says in his cute Irish accent. I'm so happy he's not moving school or anything " Harry do you have a picture of him or anything just incase we see him" I say to him, truth was I just wanted to see who it was that took one of my best friends heart. Harry gets out his phone and unlocks it he doesn't press anything else and shows us the screen aww he's his wallpaper" His names zayn" Harry says it was like he was reading my mind I was just about to ask that. 

Liams POV

Yay I'm back at school I know it sounds like I'm a geek I'm not ... okay I am a bit. Its just I have this thing where I like to be in charge of everything my friends call me daddy Payne. Me and my friend zayn have just changed school because our old school was set on fire or something. Right now we are in English we just finished break and zayn told me about this guy he met in the summer holidays I'm really happy for him but I think Zayns a bit obsessed about him he keeps writing 'Harry' EVERYWHERE he even wrote it on my hand but I wiped it off. He showed me a picture of him and Harry they look so cute together but he looks sad because they didn't get each others number so they can't see or talk to each other again poor zayn.

Louis POV 

For some reason Harry made me walk slow just to tell me " And our songs Rock me "

Nialls POV 

We have just finished Art and now we are walking to Music. Louis and Harry are really slow walkers they were behind me but now I dont know where they are oh well. WAIT OH MY NANDOS it's him Zayn !! the one who Harry was talking about, Uhhhh what should I do should I walk up to him and start a convo the try talking bout Harry and see if its him.Its my first idea so I'll go with it .I walk up to him. 

N: Hey I haven't seen you here before! 
Z: Uhh Hi ? I'm new me and Liam have just moved here 
N: cool so whats your next lesson 
Z: Uhh music 
N: YAY we got the same so what's your name 
Z: My names zayn you ? 
N: Niall ,so what did you do in your holidays 
Z: .... fell in love.... ( he says under his breath ) 
N: What 
Z: Oh sorry umm uhhh ...
N: Did you say fell in love ?? 
Z: Yea ... 
N: With Harry ??? 
Z: Yea .....WAIT HOW DO YOU KNOW !! 
N: Hehe leprechaun knows everything 
and I run off with the biggest smile on my face possible I actually found him Harry's gonna be so happy. 

Zayn POV 

That was weird how does Niall know who Harry is? Maybe Harry goes to this school He must be or how will Niall know him, I hope Harry's in our next class . We get to the class and I open the door and walk up to the teacher there's no one in here except Niall and her. "Hello Miss I'm new" I say to the teacher" oh hi you can choose any seat you want" she replies to me " Okay thanks " and I walk up to Niall. " Does Harry go to this school?" I just need to know he looks at me and I take a seat next to him " Yes " he says and with that I can't stop but smile and jump up and down on my seat I can't believe the love on my life is going to his school, My heart is beating like 1000 beats per second. 

Just then Harry walks in but he's late everyone is already in the class in chairs ,the chairs are on the outside of the classroom ( so basically against the walls : D ) I'm on one side with Niall and he's on the other side he sits down ( Harry's on the left Zayns on the right ) We are so close yet so far. If only there was something that I could show him so he knows its me. Harry gets out a pen and a book out his bag he looks at me and takes out his phone OUR WALLPAPERS !! I quickly grab my phone and unlock it he does the same and we show each other. It's him the love of my life is here.  I jump out my seat ,I don't care if anyone is looking it don't matter cause the teacher is on her phone and everyone is just talking,and I run up to him and give him the best kiss I have ever given any one " I missed you " he says to me  In the middle of the kiss " I missed you too " I reply then niall stands up and plays mine and Harry's song on his phone Rock Me " Louis told me it was your song " he say and I pull Harry in for another kiss. 

Sorry for the bad ending :D but oh well there it is rock me a Zarry Fanfic did you realise that there POVs are in the same order as there solos in the song :D well let's just pretend that the last but is just Niall then zayn ;D  
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