Distance Between Two *ON HOLD*

Hi, Im Samandra, many call me Sam since well the 'incident'. I live in a plac like the hunger games, but, we are split into age groups instead. They work like this, little ones are in the Group ' Tikes ' im way past that. Now what people used to call pre-teens are now ' Minis ', the age group im in is what people called teens, or as Lexington (my home town) calls ' Scholars ' and that, is where you are matched. At the begging of Scholarhood you have you match made. If you dont follow these rules, you are sent to locked confinment. Locked Confinment is 29 hours of bonding and relising diffrences. The trick to get out early is to make out with your match. They dont want you getting Hanky-Panky. Yet. Anyway this is my story, so sit back, relax, and listen to my mini Hell (i could get Confinment for that) called my life. Oh yes, i forgot, all of us are matched to a celebrity. Lucky me, i got Zayn Jawadd Malik. My Enemy.


5. Um was i serious?

I woke up in Zayns arms. "Hello!" He smiled and poked my nose. "Uh hi?" I was discusted. Was i dreaming or was it a reality. I hope to God i was dreaming. I saw i was still wearing my dress. Ok so maybe the last part was a dream? "Did you really mean it?" He sighed after a silence. "Mean whatt" i answered nervously. Uh oh uh oh uh oh. "That you'd marry me" shit. I really said it. Um. What to say what to say. Thats it imma tell a lie. Not like it was hard to lie. "When did i say that!" I answered shocked. He blushed. "Might have been a dream for me." I shooke my head nope. It was reality but i would never tell him. I will never volenteerly fall in love. Remind me not to joke around either, i forget my motive so easily. "So you hungry?" He shifted under me. "Oh sorry" i moved off him. "And kinda" i chuckled softly. "Well theres this place i used to go to all the time when i was little. Its a small little bistro type place." He rambled on. It almost sounded, normal. "Yea sure ill get my casual on" i smiled. Maybe it would be fun. NO BAD SAMI BAD. i frowned to myself. I looked throught the casuals they gave me and put on the one that made me smile the most. It was a blue tank top with a plaid purple, aqua, black, and silver colors. It came with blue jeans and a clip on feather for your hair which was purples and browns. For the shoes i wore purple converse. Ok so maybe i wouldnt have choosen this on a normal day being me but, i was gonna be risk taker.

I stepped out of the closet and smiled as Zayn fiddled with his hair. "Seriously? You take more time then i do with my hair!" Mind you Harry says he takes 14-20 minutes. How could you possibly take that long. All I do is brush my hair and BAM im done. It takes me 1 maybe 2 minutes to do that. Dont even get me started on Zayn. "Hey your not extrmemly self pretentious about how other people think." He frowned as his hair wouldnt stay in place. I grabbed a can of hair spray and helped him. "Theres no need to feel worried. Ok thats a lie. Im here so you kinda always have to be worried what i say, BUT THATS NOT THE POINT! The point is, your perfect the way you are." I smiled. "Im still gonna spend more time on my hair then you" he smirked. "Of course you are," i sighed "Of course you are."

Whens Zayns hair stopped being a bitch and we actually left, the bostro he took me into wa small and family owned. Thats hard to do. It wa also hidden. If the city finds out, they could be killed. Yea, i know. Pretty tough. But whatever. I was nervous as Zayn ordered my food. I smiled as it came. It looked pretty damn good. And just to say, it tasted amazing as well.

Technically its supposed to be on hold still, but because i love you and you love this, i wrote more. :3. Luff you all ~ Courtney
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