Distance Between Two *ON HOLD*

Hi, Im Samandra, many call me Sam since well the 'incident'. I live in a plac like the hunger games, but, we are split into age groups instead. They work like this, little ones are in the Group ' Tikes ' im way past that. Now what people used to call pre-teens are now ' Minis ', the age group im in is what people called teens, or as Lexington (my home town) calls ' Scholars ' and that, is where you are matched. At the begging of Scholarhood you have you match made. If you dont follow these rules, you are sent to locked confinment. Locked Confinment is 29 hours of bonding and relising diffrences. The trick to get out early is to make out with your match. They dont want you getting Hanky-Panky. Yet. Anyway this is my story, so sit back, relax, and listen to my mini Hell (i could get Confinment for that) called my life. Oh yes, i forgot, all of us are matched to a celebrity. Lucky me, i got Zayn Jawadd Malik. My Enemy.


4. On hold.

im so busy so im sorry to say but right now, distance between two will be on hold. so will most of my movellas untill the new year. thanks for your co-op. <3 Courtney

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