Distance Between Two *ON HOLD*

Hi, Im Samandra, many call me Sam since well the 'incident'. I live in a plac like the hunger games, but, we are split into age groups instead. They work like this, little ones are in the Group ' Tikes ' im way past that. Now what people used to call pre-teens are now ' Minis ', the age group im in is what people called teens, or as Lexington (my home town) calls ' Scholars ' and that, is where you are matched. At the begging of Scholarhood you have you match made. If you dont follow these rules, you are sent to locked confinment. Locked Confinment is 29 hours of bonding and relising diffrences. The trick to get out early is to make out with your match. They dont want you getting Hanky-Panky. Yet. Anyway this is my story, so sit back, relax, and listen to my mini Hell (i could get Confinment for that) called my life. Oh yes, i forgot, all of us are matched to a celebrity. Lucky me, i got Zayn Jawadd Malik. My Enemy.


2. No.

Pupptina waltz down the hall, on all four paws. Zayn inched closer, but i inched farther. Soon i was up against the wall. He grinned and i sarcasticaly smiled back. he tried getting closer but just before we made any type of contact, "And this, is numberrrrr 268B, also known as your home, for now. "the door was opened and i stumbled in. "EEK" i screached as i tumpled it. Puppitina galloped towards me. "Well Zayn?" Puppitina screeched in a high voice. "Well what..." Zayn mumbled. Puppitina moved its head towards myself, grumbling on the ground how unworthy Zayn was of my preasents. Puppitina kicked me. "Ow?;"i questioned. Zayn took me by the hand. First and last contact, i would EVER make with him. "So now you have your first date on the table. I will be staying with you for the first month or two. The better you are together, the faster i leave." Puppitina giggled. I moaned to myself. Zayn walked over to the granit counter-top." Zayn and Sami," He read. ";Congratulations on your match! Now you have your first date planned at." His face went from concentration, to shock. "What?" i asked nervously. "We're going to a restaurant on 18th ave.". That was for the people with high honors. "Are you reading it right?" I asked. He pointed to the words, scribbled by a machine on that perfect black and white print. It also read that we must get dressed and the proper attire would be at the door in seconds. I groaned. "What?" Zayn asked. "Read the last part" i motioned to the paper. 'BING' that was the attire. I pulled out the one label ST. Thats me. Zayn pulled out the one labeled ZM. I went to a bathroom and changed. The dress was laced at the back and a low cut the generously showed my cleavage off. I read that it was made for me and was supposed to be for all formal dates. Great. I threw on the 3' inch heels they came with. I opened the door and made myself look tempting. I was gonna have fun with this. "Im ready!" I giggled cutely. GAG. His mouth dropped. I almost scowled but i remembered what my little trick was going to be. I smiled and walked over, a little bounce in my step. I smiled cutely up at him. Yes, he was still taller then me. He wrapped his arm around my waist. I put my hang over my mouth and giggled, leaning into his side. Once we pulled up to the date sight, we were graciously greeted. "Hello! Welcome to the rotating platinum! You have been chosen to come up, Zayn Malik and Sami Tomlinson. Please come to the middle." The man announced. Myself and Zayn stood. I looked at Zayn questionably. "You two are both 19 correct?" The man asked once we reached the stage. I nodded. We both got our matches late. Most of my friends were younger then me. "Now Sami, when is your birthday?" The man asked again. "Um Tomorrow?" I answered. It came out as a question though. "Great! We choose the right ones! WELCOME OUR BANDINAS OF THIS YEAR!" The man yelled. "For those who have no idea what a Bandina is, its a couple perfect for eachother where the woman is older then the man. Bandinas live in a home, but are introduced into Adultri early." The man announced proudly. But Zayns brithday was tomorrow too? "My birthday is tomorrow too. I turn 20 as well." Zayn intervined. "Oh. Sit your asses back down. We chose the wrong pair." Zayn grabbed my hand. "Were getting outta here." This boy, saved us from embarrassment. "Thank you." I kissed his cheek and pulled him to a park. Maybe Zayn wasnt that bad. Maybe he didnt have to be my enemy? OMG WHAT AM I THINKING! I mentally facepalmed myself. Thats right. Me +Zayn = Never. Ever
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