Distance Between Two *ON HOLD*

Hi, Im Samandra, many call me Sam since well the 'incident'. I live in a plac like the hunger games, but, we are split into age groups instead. They work like this, little ones are in the Group ' Tikes ' im way past that. Now what people used to call pre-teens are now ' Minis ', the age group im in is what people called teens, or as Lexington (my home town) calls ' Scholars ' and that, is where you are matched. At the begging of Scholarhood you have you match made. If you dont follow these rules, you are sent to locked confinment. Locked Confinment is 29 hours of bonding and relising diffrences. The trick to get out early is to make out with your match. They dont want you getting Hanky-Panky. Yet. Anyway this is my story, so sit back, relax, and listen to my mini Hell (i could get Confinment for that) called my life. Oh yes, i forgot, all of us are matched to a celebrity. Lucky me, i got Zayn Jawadd Malik. My Enemy.


1. Um… you are kidding... Right?

Sami Jane Tomlinson?"The Lady called. "yes" I nodded standing... It was the begging of Scholar. "You are paired with Zayn Jawadd Malik." My eyes shot to the person only known as Zayn. Oh God how i hated him. He was my enemy. Now i had to be his wife! Da Fuq. Zayn walked over to my side, i refused to budge. I searched for my brother Louis through the crowd, he was with his match Eleanor Calder. They looked happy together, but i was miserable. "Brittany Jennifer Blanc" she stood straight, my bestie looked excited and tried her best to hide it. "Your match is Harry Edward Styles. " LUCKY! My mind screamed. Harry was my closest guy friend, people were numbered off leaving Niall and Liam for next years matches. Last year i was in the position they were, and this year i got Zayn. How lucky was i? Not very. I strutted off, we basically lived at school until class "Adultri" where we were commanded to have children with your partner, any child without your partner, was externination for the the woman, the child, the husband, and the childs father. Our world was crapped. Ill admit it. I had just entered my Scholar year, with Zayn. He has made me go through hell and back. I hate that guy. AND I AM FORCED TO DATE HIM? why couldnt he get Perrie. He likes Perrie sooooo much better. I swear he despizes me. I just wanna bash him in the head with several pounds of bricks! HE ANNOYS ME SO MUCH! The lady took us to briefing. "You will have to live with you match for the rest of your life. if you do opposite you have the risk of Elimination, that is being exiled to an island with other exiles. In your scholar year however, if you do not get along with your match, you will be sent to 'The Room.'" of cousre she called it 'The Room'. we call it confinement though since your stuck with your match, and only your match. "Im The Room,will have to have physical contact, but not to physical, keep it rated G please." She metioned. We all nodded. "Now here is your personal helper." the helpers steped forward. They went to the couple they were assigned. We got Puppitina. Basically a puppy that can talk. "Your helpers will take you to your assigned dorm. Now go on your first date with your match. The date times and place is on the table." We nodded and headed off. most were un sure, but some got lucky and got their best friends. So they were close. I stayed as far away as possible. I would NEVER fall in love, with Zayn Malik. Never.


You know how long that took me to write? A long time... a very long time. jebus it took like 4 weeks. anyway, ANYONE ELSE SEE ONE DIRECTION ON ELLEN? IM SOOOOO JELOUS OF THE FANS! i signed up for the Golden Ticket... god i hope i get it... even though im Canadian, IDGAF! Tell me how you like it broooo

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